Pantone Color + Chopt + Star Fashion Picks

I love that it’s Friday and that I’m feeling better! Only took a good 10-11 days, but who is really counting.

So I don’t know if today’s post is a favorites post or a thinking out loud post or a wrapping up the week post. It’s a bit random but I like random!

First, what do you make of the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019?

I’m personally not a fan of coral for fashion OR events, at least not my fashion or event. I mean, we did use a shade of orange in the decor for my son’s Bar Mitzvah but that’s because we were working with Islanders colors. I would not use coral at my wedding and will always favor pinks over shades of orange. Although I did see a nice Bat Mitzvah with the Dunkin Donuts color scheme of the magenta pink and orange which came out nice.  I am definitely curious to see how the coral is used in fashion and events going forward in 2019. I can see a fall color palette for a wedding using shades of orange in the flowers but that’s about it for me. Not loving it.

In other news, I had a salad at Chopt yesterday. With romaine. I was more than happy to believe the sign that told me their romaine was safe.


Let’s talk star leggings for a minute.

I love how popular stars have become in fashion as of late. I found two types of star leggings in a black on black pattern which I appreciate because it’s a bit more subtle.

These Gap High Rise Print Full Length Leggings are nice BUT I’m not so sure that I want/need the extra sculpt to my leggings. If you like the compression/sculpt feeling that they claim to offer, you may like them though.

I also found these Aqua star leggings which are super similar (and on sale with 25% off right now) but without all of the sculpt! These leggings feature a matching set with sports bra and bomber jacket too. I ordered the leggings and sports bra! Maybe I need the bomber jacket too?  Actually, this star bomber jacket is even nicer.

If you like a bolder star print, there’s always the Terez foiled silver star print leggings. I do love all things Terez.

That’s it for me today. Have a great weekend!

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How do you feel about the Pantone Color for 2019? Do you like it?

Have you gone back to eating romaine yet where its available?


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