Recent Eats + Mostly Matzoh Ball Soup

Anyone who knows me (and knows me well) knows that I do not actually like soup. I mean, I will eat tomato soup, but other soup? Broth soup? Nah. Not my thing.

Unless I am sick.

I’ve still been dealing with this cold from last week which I know is still active simply by my desire to eat matzoh ball soup for lunch and dinner.

At least it’s Hanukkah time right now so eating matzoh ball soup also has the festive feeling aside from just satisfying my desire for hot broth and the comfort of the matzoh ball to make me feel better.

matzoh ball soup

I had the below bowl of matzoh ball soup at my parents’ house yesterday. My dad said my bowl of soup looked pathetic. I told him that maybe he should become a food blogger and arrange pretty bowls of soup to photograph and share on a blog. Photography, especially food photography, is not my thing but maybe, it could be his.

matzoh ball soup

In other food news, I did have this flat bread pizza at some point in the last few days. It’s been a while (maybe a few weeks?) since I had my favorite combo of pizza and salad so I really need to bring that back as soon as I’m up for it.


Cold salads aren’t working for me at the moment but I did try at Panera the other day while working.

panera salad

Maybe I’m feeling better today? Maybe? Who can tell anymore. I don’t know how people who get sick with colds often do it. I’m so thankful for my strong immune system but I guess when there’s a bad cold virus going around, there’s only so much my body can do to keep it away. Have I mentioned my son has it too? You can only imagine the number of tissues we have gone through in the last week!

I haven’t run since Saturday. A part of me is thinking I am ready to run a few easy miles today but I will still wait to decide. It’s not that my body feels weak or achy or tired and I haven’t had a fever at all. It’s more my nose. The running triggers the congestion and I don’t want that! I have enough of it without running.

We shall see, I will keep you posted!

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What do you like to eat when you have a cold?

Are you a soup eater? Favorite kind of soup?



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  1. Marissa says

    Running normally clears me up, that’s funny.

    When I’m sick the first food I go for is hot and sour soup. I think the spiciness helps to clear up my sinuses.

    Feel better!