Random Things From The Weekend


Very random post today. I wouldn’t call it a weekend recap at all, just a mix of random things!

First, I already told you yesterday that I had my hair cut and highlighted on Saturday. Nothing beats happy hair.

On my wrist is a crushed velvet scrunchie from Forever 21. They come in a cute pack of two and have so many other fun accessories for really cheap.


The mirror here cut off my jeans but I am wearing my favorite 7 jeans that I told you about in Friday’s post.

I noticed a few versions are on big sale right now so I wanted to share with you:

I have this destroyed pair – you can’t refuse the price for what you are getting!

And this pair in the tranquil wash — I love this color as it’s on the dark side so it looks nice when you want to dress things up.

Oh! And the pink side stripe pair is on sale too, with a savings of 56% off regular price! I love these.

In other news, my son and I went to the movies over the weekend. We saw A Star Is Born — I definitely recommend it! I’m not much of a movie goer but it really was so good. Has anyone else seen it yet? What did you think?

Want a random universe story? Remember a few weeks ago I told you that I always get weird signs and things from the universe? Here’s a good one –

Saturday would have been my anniversary had I still been married. No big deal at all, but I don’t forget! Anyway, I kept thinking I would hear my wedding song on the radio (At Last by Etta James) during the day because things like that happen to me. Well, I didn’t hear it on the radio but would you believe that the song was in the movie? Uh huh. I couldn’t believe it either when it happened. Of all days to see the movie and of all songs to have playing at the bar in the beginning of the movie. I laughed.

Moving on now to other things like Mamoun’s Falafel.

The service was kind of terrible so I don’t know that I will go back. I had some sort of falafel sandwich? It was good but I would have liked to explore/learn more about the menu before ordering. No one really wanted to give me that opportunity.

mamouns falafel

I spent yesterday shopping for new tops to wear with those cute velvet joggers I told you about from the Gap. You have to get them, especially with the big Black Friday sales right now! Anyway, I’m still working on finding what I’m looking for (I want a nice body suit to dress them up to wear with heels) but I did get these adorable cozy socks from the Gap. They come in a ton of holiday patterns but I went with the heart. Gotta keep the feet warm.

cozy socks

Speaking of Black Friday sales, if I have some time this week, I’ll try to round-up the sales or put together some shopping picks. Let me know if there’s anything specific you are looking for and I can try to find you the sale for it!

How was your weekend? Best thing you ate?

Do you like falafel?

Are you starting your holiday shopping this week?

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