Friday Favorites November 16, 2018

Okay it’s Friday! We won’t even discuss that it snowed a bunch of inches yesterday. I am not ready for this!

Moving on to my favorites instead…

Friday Favorites

Favorite Fitness:

I received the race photos from Sunday’s 10K race, also known as the race where I finished second for my age but dropped my phone at the start, losing more seconds than I would have liked.

I am almost positive that this photo was taken right before I dropped my phone. That’s me on the left in the purple/magenta hat.

10K photo

So rather than pick a favorite workout from this week, I want to mention, yet again, my favorite workout gear of all time:  my lululemon fluffover running mittens.

I’ve talked about these mittens so much over the years. They truly are the warmest and the best, I don’t understand why lululemon stopped selling them.

I love how I can remove the extra layer if it’s not too cold outside and then put it back for those really chilly mornings. That extra layer is so key!!

When I tell you it’s impossible for my hands to get cold in this mittens, I mean it. If you want your hands to be warm, mittens are the way to go. Gloves, in my opinion, aren’t as good because your fingers are separated which means you can lose the body heat.

These mittens make me happy and I always think back on all of the winter runs I’ve gone through over the years with them. Yes, I’m 100% sentimental about these mittens and can write endless paragraphs about them.

Lululemon fluff over mitten

Favorite Food:

My son and I went to the diner earlier this week and I had this giant greek salad. I’m having a food identity crisis this week though. I’m not totally sure what I feel like eating and I’m tired of everything, even more than usual. I made a pizza bagel last night for dinner, that was pretty good and hit the spot.

greek salad

Favorite Fashion:

Who remembers when I wrote the post, Clothes Should Make You Feel Good? Well, I bought another pair of my favorite jeans, the 7 For All Mankind b(air) Skinny Ankle Jeans.

THESE JEANS MAKE ME FEEL GOOD. And how often can you say that about jeans? 7 jeans fit me so well that I’ve invested in four pairs of them recently, varying in shades of denim. I am now choosing to wear a pair on any given day of the week in place of leggings or sweatpants. They are so comfortable, flattering, and never lose their shape which makes them worth every penny.

I do usually grab them on sale but even with the high price, I think they are worth it. I will invest my money in quality jeans that fit me well and make me happy.

I also bought a few of these Splendid Zander Long Sleeve Easy Crew Tops (which are currently on sale!). Paired with the jeans, you have an everyday, nice outfit that will always make you feel put together, comfortable, and happy.

Favorite Find:

Not really a new find but a reminder of a favorite find from the past. Coconut Oil as a moisturizer.

I was about to purchase a heavy-duty winter body moisturizer when I remembered how well regular coconut oil works! It’s life changing and so cheap!!

coconut oil

Have a great weekend!

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Did it snow by you yesterday? Did you end up with more snow than expected?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Do you use coconut oil as a moisturizer too?


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  1. Jill Lyons says

    I literally use coconut oil for everything, but moisturizer is probably my favorite use. I also use it as shaving cream, after I’ve chafed somewhere, in place of aloe for a sunburn, to heal a zit……I could go on and on. And I need to get mittens for running! My gloves did not cut it in MD this morning.