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Well, I should probably edit yesterday’s 5k race recap to include the race results now that I have them. I placed second for my age even after the whole dropping the phone fiasco at the start. My first race in the 40-44 age division!

This is now the second time I found out that I placed second in a race AFTER leaving the race (and third time ever placing second in a race too).

My official time is listed as 24:10.


Like okay. I know very well that’s a great time. I am however skewed when it comes to fully grasping this as the great time because I’m still annoyed that there’s no adjustment for chip time and that I dropped my phone at the start causing me to lose a ton of seconds.

I could have had first in my age if I didn’t drop my phone! First was 23:40!!

I’m so NOT a perfectionist. I’m really not the competitive type and certainly not a type A personality either. Heck, I would still gladly accept a note from my mother to excuse me from every daily life task (including a race), just like she used to do when I needed a note out of gym class because I didn’t want to run. Or a note to excuse me from playing at camp because it was hot outside or a note to say I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t go to school even when I was totally fine and just didn’t feel like going.

BUT this race time bothers me for sure. Not only did I want under 23, I certainly wanted under 24 which technically I achieved but we can’t see that in the official time.

I run so few races that the ones I do run really do matter to me!

Ah well. Second place is still cool. I did the best I could, that I know. I always do the best I can on any given day, even on my lazy days or can’t give a lot of effort days. On those days, that IS the best I can do and I’m never upset with myself for it.

I should probably email to see if I can pick up the medal or whatever it is they gave as the award.

So Laura and I chat by text every day.

Did you know that? I don’t know if you knew that. She’s totally my go-to running source but we talk about everything else under the sun too.

Of course we needed to recap my race again yesterday morning. The below is a direct quote text from Laura from our discussion on how hard the 5K race distance is in comparison to the half. I thought it might interest you:

Those races above threshold are just brutal. Like, I will never think the 5K or 10K are easy. Both are above every threshold – lactate, ventilatory, etc. – so your breathing is labored from the start, you can’t clear lactate faster than it’s produced and that makes your brain send warning signals, and it’s just a burn. At least with the half, a good portion of the race feels comfortable!

I love when she talks all technical to me and I love how we can reference the half marathon as somehow feeling comfortable. Comfortable is such a relative term here although it’s much more comfortable than a 5K (until those last few miles of a half, those are real hard).

Anyway. Let’s talk food today too.

Is that okay? Rather than wait until tomorrow.

I can’t eat avocado right now. I’m not really sure why but suddenly, it’s making my stomach queasy. I was concerned about this until my friend Lisa told me that she can’t stomach avocado right now either. I wonder what is up with us?

My post race bagel and salad on Sunday did not involve avocado. I left it out of the usual order on purpose.

town bagel

I did have avocado in my favorite Cheesecake Factory salad and I’m telling you, I felt it the other night.

cheesecake salad

Lisa and I are always on the same food wave length. We eat the same type of diet and are both in our not in the mood to cook mode. We are justifying this situation as acceptable since we are both experiencing the same feelings. Like maybe we just need a prolonged break from cooking the foods we have been cooking and eating for years or something.

She told me yesterday that pizza and salad is working most nights of the week for her and I was like, me too me too!

pizza and salad

Maybe I will quickly make quinoa and lentils though. That’s easy enough and I can add it to salads. And maybe I need to grab a carton of the roasted pepper tomato soup that I love from Trader Joe’s. I can easily heat that up with a grilled cheese. Or maybe I will ask Lisa to make her lentil soup for me. 🙂

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Anyone else unable to eat avocado right now? Are they just not good at the moment?

What have you been eating that’s easy for dinner?



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    After you mentioned it to me, I thought about how I haven’t craved avocado for a while! I had some on a taco when we were out Friday night, but that has been it for at least a month. Maybe this time of year, when they’re more out of season (I think), they’re just not as good?
    I love our daily texts!
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