Weekly Workout Recap (5K workouts + pure barre)


How can you not love the pretty leaves covering the ground right now? I mean, as a runner they can make things slippery, especially after it rains, but it’s still a pretty sight.

I detail my daily runs fairly well below (two 5K workouts this week!) so let’s jump right in!


Monday – 5 Miles

It had just stopped raining when I got outside which meant super wet leaves on the ground. I wasn’t looking to run fast anyway as I ran 7 miles yesterday, my legs felt a little tired, and my period wasn’t helping the situation.

5 miles

Tuesday – 45 Min Pure Barre 

Wednesday – 30 Min Run/10 Min Pure Barre

I headed outside for a run but ended up on the phone at first which I think took me out of finding an energetic groove. When I got off phone, I wasn’t feeling the usual energy to pick things up so I cut it short. I knew it was smarter to do less today in order to be fresh for a stronger run tomorrow.

30 min run

I combined two 5 minute Pure Barre workouts when I got home: seat & thighs.

Note: My abs were sore from yesterday’s Pure Barre workout. Isn’t it fascinating that I can still get sore from Pure Barre given that I do the workouts every week for the last 4+ years?!

Thursday – 5 Miles

I decided to run one of Laura’s 5K workouts from her recent post on 5K Training For Peak Performance. It involved 6 half mile repeats with quarter-mile recoveries in between. It’s hard to tell exactly what I did pace-wise since I don’t pause Runkeeper for the easy sections but Laura told me I did really well based on these numbers!

5 miles

Friday – 35 Min Pure Barre

Saturday – 5 Miles (5K workout/treadmill)

It was still raining when I woke up so I headed to the treadmill. I wanted to try Laura’s other 5k workout which was 3 x 1 mile at goal 5K pace with .25 mile recovery in between.

OMG THIS WAS SO HARD. You think it doesn’t sound hard because what’s a mile with some rest right after, but think again.  After a 1 mile warm up, I got started.

I wanted to hold 8.3 – 8.6 as my goal pace and basically did! I definitely wanted to DIE in the last mile so would drop to 8.0 for a few seconds if I needed to but didn’t need to that often. It’s crazy how 8.0 is now a comfort zone when running these workouts. I have come really far with my speed on the treadmill for sure! I used to lose my form when hitting 8.0 but now I can do it fairly comfortably.

I finished the 1 mile warm up + 3 mile repeats + 2 recovery intervals (4.5 miles) in 35:15. I cooled down to 5 miles which took me to 39 minutes or so. Whenever I think of 5 miles in 39 minutes, I think of the 5 mile race when I finished second in my age group back in 2013.

There’s something so incredible about running such a strong workout in under 40 minutes. I used to run for like 2 hours on Saturday yet I swear, I felt more accomplished in these speedy miles than when I would run endlessly. I mean, long runs and speed workouts are two totally different things but it’s great to acknowledge how you can run less and be so satisfied. Hard thing for distance runners to grasp sometimes!

Sunday – Pure Barre or a Walk

Good luck to everyone running the marathon today!

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Do you prefer distance or speed workouts right now?

Are the leaves pretty where you live?


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    The leaves are so pretty! They are just starting to fall here so not too many on the ground especially in my neighborhood. Since Im not doing any fast running these days I’m preferring medium distance runs. Most days 3 miles just doesn’t feel like enough. It’s nice to alternate in the range of 4-7 miles depending on how I’m feeling each day.