Sunday Run + Pizza + Emotional Eating Cake


We left off yesterday with me explaining that my workouts were thrown off last week which is why I was running yesterday, instead of Saturday.

Thankfully it stopped raining although I was cautious when running with all of the wet leaves on the ground.


The air felt nice so I stayed out for 7 miles. Nothing fancy going on, just an easy run.

7 miles

The best thing I ate all weekend was this thin slice of whole wheat pizza Friday night.


Oh wait, I also had this chocolate cake over the weekend.


It was kind of like an emotional eating slice of cake, you know, with everything going on. I really didn’t want to discuss the terror that has been taking place but it’s the world we live in. I can’t pretend here on the blog that the outside world isn’t happening while I write about pretty glitter shoes and sweatpants that I think I need.

It started with the mail bombings. That was getting scary for a few days and actually affected both my work plans and personal life. I was supposed to be in the city at the Javits Center on Wednesday but made the quick decision  (literally waiting to get on the train) to not head in to the city. In the back of my mind, I was pretty sure it would have been fine to go but I didn’t want to take the chance. At the time, no one really knew what was going on exactly and it didn’t seem worth the stress. Then, with each new development during the week, my personal plans were affected because the other half of my plans gets involved when things like that take place. Best way for me to describe without saying too much here.

And what happened at the synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday? I can’t even. I can’t even talk about it. I’m mentioning it here without really knowing exactly what to say.

I bought a new pair of Kate Spade heels this weekend. The heels are to go with dresses for two parties I have coming up, both taking place in synagogues. I’m not political but I am Jewish and so what happened on Saturday hits as close to home as possible when it comes to these tragedies. Although, every senseless shooting hits close to home because it can happen to anyone and anywhere it seems, at anytime. And it needs to stop.



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  1. says

    I thought of you when I heard about the Synagogue shootings – sending lots of hugs. I just can’t believe all the awful things happening in the world this week.
    On a positive note, those shoes are so cute! I love the little bow detail.