Thrown Off Workout Routine This Week! (workout recap)

My workout routine was thrown off this week. I normally like to run Monday and then either Tuesday + Thursday or Wednesday + Thursday (plus Saturday). This week went down a bit differently for a few reasons:

1 – My Hair. I had my hair blown out last weekend and I wanted it to last through Monday. For this reason, I chose Pure Barre over running on Monday (because I wouldn’t sweat!).

2 – I think I had a Cold. The slight cold I kept feeling coming on for a couple of weeks that never broke out, finally broke out during Tuesday’s run. Did you know I never get colds and things like that? Yeah. It’s extremely rare and even when I get one, it’s not like a normal person cold. It’s super slight. So while I felt pretty much fine, I did feel the congestion of a cold. I was totally able to run Tuesday but I chose to not run again until Friday.

You can absolutely run with cold symptoms above the chest if you feel up to it and don’t have a fever or a cough. They say that doing so won’t make a cold worse BUT it certainly won’t shorten it’s duration.

For me personally, I do believe that running, especially outdoors and especially in the colder air, does prolong the congestion and it’s not worth it. I knew that by not running for a few days until l noticed the congestion was gone was the smarter move for me. And I was so right! By Friday I ran outside in 33 degree air and felt 100% fine with no runny nose or congestion.

3 – Weather. The Nor’Easter of rain and wind yesterday meant no running outside. Instead of choosing the treadmill, I swapped my normal Sunday Pure Barre in its place and will run today.

So there’s the explanation as to why my workout routine looks a little different from the norm! Since I am planning to run this morning, I may mention that in a post tomorrow.

Monday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Tuesday – 5 Miles

My plan today was a one mile warm up + 3 miles effort + one mile cool down. I ran according to plan but didn’t know that the cold I had been fighting would break out during this run! My nose became congested and runny although I felt fine. I had been fighting off a cold and definitely had a nasal drip going on but wasn’t expecting the cold to break out.

I still ran well though!

Wednesday – 30 Min Pure Barre/Walk

I felt fine but didn’t want to make my nose more congested from running. I chose a 30 min Pure Barre workout followed by a walk outside.

Thursday – 35 Min Elliptical/Free Weights

I still didn’t want to run outside in cold air and didn’t want to run on the treadmill so the elliptical was the way to go. My nose ran just a little bit but nothing too terrible at all.

Friday – 5 Miles

Feeling back to normal! Easy run in the chilly air.

Saturday – 60 Minute Pure Barre (focus on arms)

I haven’t done this specific 60 min Pure Barre workout in a while. It’s a focus on arms but that just means involving your arms in every exercise. The screenshot below is during the outer seat section. At one point you lift your leg and arm at same time. It may not look killer but trust me, it is.pure barre pure results arms

Sunday – Outdoor Run

Not sure exactly how long I’m running yet! I guess I will see. Maybe 5 miles.

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Do you run with a cold? 

Did the weather affect your workouts this week?


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