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How often do you notice signs from the universe? It’s like, you want to take what you think you see with a grain of salt and at the same time, some things just can’t be coincidence.

I had this salad at Chopt yesterday. It’s my standard Chopt salad order and the price always comes out to $11.17. Every time I see the price, I think of my former wedding anniversary, November 17. I do not think that my salad price is a sign of anything but I do believe in signs from the universe.

chopt salad

I’ve already discussed at length how I dropped the shampoo bottle on my foot New Year’s Eve. Clumsy? Accident? I guess we can claim either BUT I do think it was the universe stepping in to knock some sense in to me. Dropping that shampoo bottle on my foot changed (and continues to change) my entire year…for the better.

I subconsciously wasn’t interested in running long distances anymore but I was refusing to shake up my routine on my own. While I was dropping my mileage little by little, I wasn’t dropping it enough to be fully happy. Thankfully I was never injured from running and thankfully the shampoo bottle really didn’t injure me either. But what it did was force a two-week break from running to keep myself from causing a stress fracture — and it changed my life.

I do believe it was the universe chiming in to say if you aren’t going to change your routine, we will change it for you. The universe shouted at me with that shampoo bottle by sending a sign of, STOP RUNNING SO MUCH IF YOU DON’T WANT TO RUN SO MUCH.

I think about it all the time because it truly changed my life and approach to my workout routine, and I’m so grateful for it. I honestly love running less and I don’t think I would have dropped my mileage (creature of habit) had that not happened.

Other signs from the universe have popped into my life over the years too, not necessarily related to running.

When I was pregnant and on the way to the doctor appointment which would reveal if I was having a girl or a boy, I stopped at a maternity store for new clothes. I wanted a specific shirt in pink but they only had the baby blue in my size. I knew right then and there that it was a sign that I was having a boy. I was.

A few years before my divorce, I had two wedding-related items in the house break. First, it was my wedding cake ceramic box. Then, it was my wedding snow globe. It crashed to the floor, broken and leaking all over the place.

I didn’t know it was a sign at the time that bad things were looming but looking back, it was a total sign.

During the early stages of my divorce process, a portion of our fence in the backyard fell down. The section that fell was right in the middle, creating a real split. You couldn’t look at my backyard and not notice the divide and how it reflected what was taking place inside the house.

More recently, there’s the GPS system in my car. It’s totally possessed. I swear! There’s one destination that I plug in BUT I don’t have to plug it in. It’s in my history and my GPS pulls it up and sets it to start, without me doing anything…right when I’m leaving to go there.

There’s also the time that I plugged in an address and started to drive only to have the GPS shut off. I had to pull over to press start again but the address was gone. It was as if it wasn’t in the system. Sign that I shouldn’t be headed in that direction? 100% for sure.

In the spring, I randomly had an event to attend in Jersey City. I never have anything to do in New Jersey, let alone Jersey City, but I agreed to go. Then somehow I had plans for the same day, extremely randomly, in Tribeca, which is right opposite Jersey City. It was making the day work nicely rather than seeming like a schlep. The day before both plans, the Tribeca plan was postponed. I was upset because I didn’t want to go all the way to Jersey City anymore if I wasn’t going to Tribeca after. AND THEN my boss called to say I no longer had to attend the event. It was all so crazy!! I was never told not to attend something at the last-minute and she had no idea about my later in the day plans or that they were postponed! I just knew that the universe chimed in on this one. First to put me in that area and then to not make me drive all that way when my plans were postponed for later in the week. Not a coincidence.

I could totally keep going with my experiences with signs from the universe but I think I will save them for a part two. 🙂

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Do you ever experience signs from the universe? Any stick out in your mind that you want to share?!

Are you waiting for the universe to chime in to shake up your workout routine because you can’t seem to do it yourself?


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  1. Marissa says

    I totally agree with dropping a bottle on your foot being a sign! Sometimes our bodies need rest from a certain activity or them all and sometimes we’re just not willing to let it go unless something happens! I am coming back from a stress fracture and it has definitely renewed my love for walking and strength training.

  2. says

    When my husband and I were debating whether or not to move back to the Midwest, we literally kept getting signs: no spots available at the campground after 3 hour drive to the coast, then camping in the rain the next weekend, then friends from the area randomly calling us, and the list goes on. We made the decision rationally, but I felt like all these signs confirmed that we were making the right decision!

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