Weekend Highlights: Cupcakes + Pizza + Velvet


I spent Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday driving my son to/from where he needed to be. In between, I took a few pictures to capture some highlights.

First, some cupcakes. I was in the area of Smallcakes so I decided to bring a few home. The one with the m&m’s is actually a brownie. My son said it was terrific!


Pizza again.

My son and I stopped for pizza early Friday evening. I had this slice for dinner and he had his slice as a snack before going out for dinner with his friends. Boys are funny like that.


After running Saturday morning, I rushed out the door to get my son where he needed to be. Then I got my hair blown out (my favorite thing to do) and then landed at the mall.

I hadn’t had Maoz in a while so I figured why not. The roasted cauliflower is the best although I didn’t finish the bowl. While I do love Maoz, it’s a bit heavy for my stomach so I try to avoid that feeling. It might be the oil they use? Not sure.


I’ve been resisting these Vintage Havana Camo sweats since I saw them but I am certain I will go back to get them. I mean, look at the pink velvet stripes!! Velvet is totally my thing and totally trending right now in both fashion and event decor. You know event decor and fashion trends go hand in hand? Have we discussed this fact yet? There’s your event industry lesson. Fabrics, colors, and patterns that are seen on the runway and most often seen at weddings and other events. If I was having a winter wedding, I would totally choose a velvet linen for my tables right now.

vintage havana sweats

Related: I still love these Vintage Havana sweats that I purchased last week!

Sunday morning I met a friend for my second breakfast. When was the last time I ordered an omelette? Probably about a year ago? I don’t really do eggs but felt like doing eggs yesterday for a change.


Then I stopped at Trader Joe’s followed by getting my nails done.


Once I picked my son up, he requested that I take him to a specific location so that his snapchat map would register he was there. Don’t ask. This is a total teen thing right now. Life is all about where you are on the snapchat map according to your friends or where you might be since you didn’t announce it but it’s obvious on the map. Since I am cool and totally understand these things, I cooperated and took him to a specific spot.

It just so happened that this spot was near my parents’ house so we showed up there spontaneously for dinner.

Pizza and salad = My life.

pizza and salad

Time for another week, have a good one!

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Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Who had a winter wedding? What were your colors/fabrics? Did you go with the season or go with what you always dreamed of as your wedding decor?


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  1. says

    Your weekend seems magical to me, even the driving to random locations for Snapchat. It’s probably all the tasty pizza, those cupcakes (I will take three of the ho-ho ones) and that roasted cauliflower.

    The pink velvet stripes are pretty sweet too.