Friday Favorites: Pizza + Fall Fashion + Sale Alerts


Well this week totally flew by so fast, didn’t it? I mean, Monday feels forever ago but at the same time, it’s Friday just like that.

I definitely have a few favorites to report for this week so let’s get started.

I’m back on my pizza kick.

I don’t think I had pizza for a few weeks and then this week, I had it for dinner two nights in a row. I grabbed this margarita slice in the city the other night.

Perfection. And actually, over a dollar cheaper than out here on Long Island. Interesting fact.


Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish 

It’s been years since I wore a dark color on my finger nails because I hate to see a chip! However, since starting to use the Essie Gel Couture polish (the Essie website calls it Essie long wear polish), I able to go back to dark colors without having to worry. I bought a new bottle for fall and had my nails and toes done over the weekend. It looks more red in the picture than it actually is, it’s more of a deep red/Burgundy. I really like it and it has yet to chip! I bring my own polish now to the nail salons because if you use their Essie Gel Couture polish, they charge an extra three dollars. Also, there’s no UV light needed and this polish does not weaken your nails at all. It seems just like regular nail polish but it doesn’t chip.

Please note the Vintage Havana Moon and Star Sweatpants in the picture. Those are new for fall too. They fit so well which is really important to discuss because for someone like me, it’s hard to find sweatpants that don’t go up to my neck. I am happy to be petite but geez, most sweats and joggers are cut for people SO MUCH TALLER. This pair sits in the right spot and are so cute and comfortable! Good price point too. I think I wore them three days in a row. Just saying.

vintage havana joggers


I also picked up the J/Slides Platform Booties that I mentioned last week and have worn them several days in a row as well. That’s how you know you need something, when you continue to wear it day after day.


My New Jacket!

I suddenly needed a new in-between jacket because it suddenly became jacket weather here! I don’t know what I was wearing during the fall months in years past but I looked in my closet for an in-between coat and couldn’t really find one. I honestly think it’s my age. Hitting 40 means I constantly need a coat. Under 40, I would wear a scarf and call it my jacket. Nowadays, I have that old lady chill, requiring layers and a coat to stay warm.

One thing about me — I may not know what I am looking for but when I see it, I know it. It took a few minutes searching the Bloomingdale’s website and then I saw this Sanctuary Reversible Hooded Parka.

I was sold.

Sanctuary jacket

Quick Sale Info!

Bloomingdale’s is running their Buy More/Save More which is 20% off $100-249, 25% off $250-$499, and 30% off $500 or more!

It’s friends & family at Henri Bendel! You save 25% off everything, 30% off $500 or more, and an additional 15% off anything already on sale. Check out my Bendel Must-Haves list if you need suggestions.

Have a great weekend!

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Any fun plans this weekend?

Did the weather suddenly turn cold by you? Do you have an in-between jacket or do you need one?

What color is currently on your nails?

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    I started using Essie Gel Couture last month and I love it – my nails grew before it chipped! I need to buy some more colors of it now. I wear my Patagonia Better Sweater as my in-between jacket, which has been every day since it’s been in the 40s here. Once it’s below 35, then I start to bundle up more!