My Former Whole Foods Food Bar Box


So this is rather interesting and worth discussing. When we arrived in Albany on Saturday (we were up there for a Bar Mitzvah), we went straight to Whole Foods for a quick bite to eat.

The old me loved the Whole Foods food bar. While I really don’t eat at Whole Foods anymore, my usual veggie loving personality gravitated immediately for the roasted vegetables and vegetarian salads.

I loaded the food bar box as I used to, maybe a little less but still on par with my former self.

Whole Foods

My son asked me why I wasn’t really eating. He wondered why I left food behind and didn’t finish it. The truth is, the veggie loaded box did NOTHING for me. NOTHING.

Of course I still like a good salad but loading my food bar box with a variety of roasted vegetables and salads just isn’t my thing right now. I wouldn’t say the food tasted bad, it just wasn’t what I felt like eating. This meal can be best described as my former Whole Foods food bar box. It was weird to have my former favorites in front of me and not really feel like eating it. I used to love a big veggie loaded box from Whole Foods for lunch, but I don’t think that I do anymore.

On the topic of Whole Foods, many years ago (like in 2013) I wrote on the blog about how I took the food bar bowl home with me. The power had gone out at Whole Foods while I was eating a veggie loaded bowl and the Whole Foods people asked everyone to leave. I wasn’t going to leave my food behind so I took the bowl with me.

I still use my Whole Foods bowl at home (see below) and think about that day every single time!

This is a version of my favorite salad right now. I added the Trader Joe’s julienned root vegetables to the mix. Still basic enough though and basic is what I’m all about.


Just to be clear on a topic that doesn’t seem very clear, even to me — It’s not that I don’t eat vegetables or salads, it’s just that a big bowl of roasted vegetables doesn’t hit the spot for me as it once did. It’s not what I want or crave I guess. Or maybe I just lost my taste for the Whole Foods food bar.

A slice of pizza makes me happier than a big bowl of vegetables. I had this slice the other evening from Mario’s. Simple and satisfying. Sometimes with a salad, this time without one.


Of course a full diet of pizza isn’t ideal or healthy but a full diet of any one food or even a full diet of tons of vegetables has it’s negatives too. It’s all about balance and balance is always changing so I’m all about trying to figure out my balance on a daily basis by eating exactly what I am in the mood to eat.

Also, getting back to last week when I mentioned the new Harvest Spaghetti Squash Spirals from Trader Joe’s. I am not so impressed. I heated it up one evening and really didn’t like it. It got very watery. The sauce had a good taste but I wouldn’t buy this again.

trader joes harvest spaghetti squash spirals

Anyone else have an opinion on the Harvest Spaghetti Squash Spirals?

Are there any foods you once loved that no longer interest you?

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  1. says

    I am not a fan of spaghetti squash (in fact, I just inloaded ours on the in-laws) so not surprised by your response to TJ’s product.

    I find my food leanings shift all the time and definitely from season to season. I’m sort of salads right now, although I’m sure that will come back soon.