Bar Mitzvah + Workouts From The Week

Happy Monday! I’m sharing my workouts from the week today instead of yesterday because I was upstate real quick over the weekend to attend a Bar Mitzvah. Worth noting is that today is the two-year anniversary since my son’s Bar Mitzvah, how crazy is that?

I’m also here to say that I’m glad I bought this Bailey 44 dress on sale at the end of last winter because I knew it would come in handy. Listen to me when I tell you to stock up on anything Bailey 44, especially when something is on sale, because you won’t regret it.

Bailey 44 dress

Side note: I’m so happy to see that my hair is back to long again. In the spring, I had the most awful haircut experience. I let someone new trim my hair but she did more than trim! It totally took like five months to get my hair back to where I like it.

Bailey 44 dress

Anyway. My workouts.

Although I no longer run long every Saturday like I did for the last several years, I did miss my run Saturday morning because we left early to drive up to Albany. I had time for a quick Pure Barre workout before leaving the house but there’s still that routine runner alive in me who felt off-balance not running at all on Saturday! Even if it’s only a few miles, I do love to run every Saturday morning.

Originally we planned to stay over night in Albany to come home on Sunday but we ended up at the last-minute deciding to drive home late on Saturday. I’m glad that we did because I was able to wake up yesterday and run outside in the finally fall weather!

fall running

The rest of the week was a really decent week of workouts! I’m still pushing my pace a bit and enjoying it. It should only get better from here, assuming the high humidity is over with until next summer.

Monday – 5 Miles

I had trouble getting up this morning, thankfully I don’t have to rush outside to run and can’t wait for the sun to be up. I ran a version of Laura’s VO2Max workout:

1 mile warm up + 5 X 5 min hard/3 min easy

Don’t let the splits fool you. I felt this much more than it looks because the hard minutes were hard but the easy minutes make the splits look not so tough.

5 miles

Tuesday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Wednesday – 5 Miles

Crazy humid today! I decided on today’s speed workout after the first mile:

1 mile warm up + 4 miles of 1 min hard/1 min easy + short cool down. I only planned to do 3 miles of the intervals but then kept going. It was fun!

5 miles

Thursday – 5 Miles

If it’s possible, the humidity was even higher today. They say fall weather is coming for the weekend, thank goodness.

Easy run today with no interruptions from road work! I think they are finally finished in my neighborhood.

5 miles

Friday – 35 Min Elliptical/Free Weights

It was pouring rain so I headed to the gym. Not in the mood for the treadmill so I chose the elliptical. I don’t think I’ve done the elliptical in a really long time!

Then I did an informal circuit of free weights, squats, lunges, and jumping jacks. Once I left the gym, it was nice out. It stopped raining and was suddenly cool so I went for a short walk.

Saturday – 35 Min Pure Barre

Quick but effective Pure Barre workout before leaving for Albany.

Sunday – 7 Miles

I couldn’t wait to get outside this morning — temperature in the 40’s and the sun was shining! My lungs and breathing do need adjusting to the colder air though. I don’t think this is something I have always dealt with but definitely in the last two years, I’ve noticed my sensitivity to running in colder air. I think I felt it in my airways/lungs for the first 5 or 6 miles before feeling better. I was going easy so it was fine.

Funny what easy run splits look like when it’s cold outside!


It’s supposed to rain today so I may choose a Pure Barre workout OR go to the gym. Haven’t decided yet. Have a great week!

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How was your weekend? Is the weather nice by you right now?

Does it take you time to adjust to running in colder air?

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  1. says

    It was a little rainy on Saturday but otherwise the weather was great this weekend. It’s finally feeling like fall too!

    Love love love that dress. I’ve never heard of Bailey 44 but now I’m going to check the brand out.

  2. says

    I adore that dress! I’ll need to check out the brand for when I need dresses in the future. The cold weather here has been wonderful, especially because the humidity is so low. Great job on that interval run!