Solid Week Of Workouts! Speed Work + Pure Barre

Super solid week of workouts to report! I came back from Florida fresh and ready to run. I’ve been in the mood to push my pace lately which continued into this week. I’ve been incorporating some speed work into my runs and will continue doing so this coming week too. It’s been fun and I’m realizing I definitely have the energy and ability to improve on my average half, 10K, and 5K paces. Hopefully some cooler weather will start to roll in which always helps to move me along.

Oh, and one of these days they will finish the darn road work that’s been slowing me down too. It’s really frustrating already because I constantly have to pay attention to the roads, slow down, and abruptly stop. It’s been over a month already of uneven ground, broken ground, and workers in the area! I’ve had enough!

workout recap

Monday – 6 Miles

First run back after Florida! I felt good and ready although I had to take two phone calls during this run, one from Infiniti Roadside service calling about my car. Did I mention that I managed a tear in one of my run-flat tires the night before I left for Florida? YEAH. Only me. I am queen of tire issues. The road work in my area that I complain about for affecting my runs was  the cause so even though I have run-flats, the actual hole in my tire made it impossible to drive to the dealer. Thankfully the nice tow truck driver came and took it for me.

6 miles

Tuesday – 5 Miles

I drove my son to school early and then headed outside for a run. Sometimes I choose Pure Barre on Tuesday’s but today I felt like running again. I pushed my pace a bit but not consistently — it was more like a fartlek run I would guess. Not sure what happened at mile 4 – I don’t recall slowing that much but I must have during recovery sections.

5 miles

Wednesday – 45 Minute Pure Barre

Thursday – 6 Miles

I told Laura I wanted to work on my speed so she sent me some of her 5K workouts. I did a version of one of the VO2Max Interval Workouts.

1 mile warm up + 5 rounds of 3 X 2 + cool down. In the past I would really feel the 3 X 2 but this time around, I felt fine which means I should have gone faster.

I don’t pause during slower parts so it’s hard to tell from these splits. But it was a good workout!

6 miles

Friday – 50 Minute Pure Barre

I don’t think I ever did this specific Pure Barre workout before. Went by so quick!

Saturday – 8 Miles

I picked one of Laura’s 5K workouts for distance runners. 

The tempo cut down workout went like this for me: 1 mile warm up + 15 min half pace + 10 min 10K pace + 5 min 5k pace with 3 min recoveries in between + cool down.

I really liked this workout and plan to run it again soon, now that I got a feel for my paces.

While I have no problem finding my half pace and can even get to my 5K pace, it’s the 10K pace that I struggle to locate. I can do comfortably fast (half pace) and I can go much faster (5K), but hitting that in between is a challenge.

I think I did a good job but again, it’s hard to tell from the splits without the pause for the recovery sections.

8 miles

Sunday – Pure Barre

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How was your week in workouts? Has the weather been helping or hurting your outdoor runs?

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    I felt like the weather this week made running harder for me. The best runs I’ve had over the past few weeks have been when its cooler, and this week the humidity was back in full force. Those 5k workouts sound like fun! I always like changing things up even if I’m not training for anything.