Henri Bendel Must-Haves – Before They Close!


I don’t even want to get into discussion about how one of my most favorite stores, Henri Bendel, is closing its doors forever at the end of the year.

We do have to talk about it though, at least about what we need before Bendel is gone, simply because we MUST buy the things we will never be able to buy again! Ugh.


The thing about Henri Bendel is that there’s no wrong purchase.

There’s nothing in the store that one doesn’t need! Rather, it’s a matter of what you are drawn to in the moment, and then you go back for more.

Henri bande flagship shopping

I wanted to put together a Henri Bendel Must-Haves post but obviously this is so hard. You really could use everything! I picked some of my favorites but trust me when I say, linking to the entire site was starting to happen for me! I mean, I didn’t even cover the charms, keychains, candles, wallets…OMG see, there’s so much!

My best advice is to follow my links, check out everything else, and then let me know if you need further help in narrowing down your choices. 🙂


Let’s start with Cosmetic Bags.

In my opinion, Henri Bendel makes the best cosmetic bags available. They are high quality and durable, not to mention functional, and pretty too!

Their wide-range cosmetic bags are perfect for travel, the gym, the beach, for organizing your stuff at home, or to keep in your purse.

I’m going to get this Large Hanging Weekender Bag,  or this one!

I have this Small Makeup Brush Case.

I’ve been using this Beauty Essentials Trio Set for a few years now – love it!

This Beauty Essentials Cosmetic Wedge Set of 3 is nice too.

Always say I would have had this Diaper Bag Organizer!

The Packables are next!

I love how they zip up and can fit just about anywhere! They are great to store in your closet without taking up too much room, can fit in luggage or your purse — and then open up to full-sized functional bags!

They have SO MANY types of packable bags! I have the tote and the overnight bag but you need to look through to decide which you need.

Reversible Packable Tote < – have it!

Packable Overnight Bag < – have it!

Packable Travel Bag < – bought it as a gift!

So many Handbags!

I don’t love all of the handbags but it really depends upon what you are looking for so look through the handbags to find what you may need. I picked a few highlights.

This Bowery Messenger Bag is like a newer version of the hobo messenger bag I bought last year (I’m wearing it in the pictures in this post).

I love this Phone Wallet Crossbody. I have the gold version from last year but it’s not a crossbody.

Jetsetter Baby Diaper Bag

Oh, this is the new version of my Influencer Tote which fits a laptop!

So this is not technically a handbag but I do have the Jetsetter Carry-On Wheelie which I use for weekends away and for travel! It fits on the plane as a carry-on so I don’t have to check my bag!

I love to browse the Jewelry!

The Wrist Stack  is fun and this Socialite Charm Necklace  is a must!

Finally, I’m OBSESSED with the Lovelies Heart Shaped Sunglasses. 

I wish I didn’t need prescription lenses for my glasses! Or maybe, these heart shaped sunglasses can have the lenses swapped out to fit my prescription. Going to find out.

bendel heart sunglasses

Have fun shopping! Any questions, please be sure to ask!

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  1. Lisa Whitney says

    I am so sad they are closing! I have an iPhone wallet that I love and ordered the packable reversible tote and a heart shaped scarf and key fob holder.