Short Week + Food + Fashion


Of course I woke up and thought today was Monday but was pleasantly surprised to learn it’s actually Tuesday! Not that school starts for us today or anything like that. Nope. Not until tomorrow. Some districts start this morning but of course I’m in the district that starts tomorrow. Yet still, it’s nice to begin the week on a Tuesday, right?

And to further confuse myself momentarily, I am sharing a few food highlights today when I normally share them on Wednesday. I think I mentioned last week that my blog routine is sort of out of the window right now. My guess is that I will find it again but in the mean time, I’m just going with it until I figure out how to get back to where I was/find a new routine and schedule.

This year has been one that highlights change and part of that change now seems to fall with my blog. I’m not feeling my typical routine or the same interest in keeping up with what I’m eating and doing the same way as I was for so many years. Rather than fight it, I’m hoping that I will naturally find what I feel like talking about while still sharing some of what I eat as I know it’s a favorite around here!

We had sushi the other night. One of my favorite and most basic rolls is the peanut avocado roll. It’s not a sushi option in all restaurants but when I see it on the menu, it’s a must order.


I had to take two pictures of my whole wheat veggie pizza because I swear this slice was the biggest I’ve ever had!


The pictures aren’t doing my veggie pizza enough justice though as the vegetables were piled so high although I don’t think you can really see that.

veggie pizza

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I love to grab a veggie plate from The Little Beet while shopping. This was a 3-part plate of the roasted broccoli, the Brussels sprouts salad, and a cauliflower and quinoa combo (I think, I can’t recall correctly but I do know it was a fairly new cauliflower concoction).

little beet

Shopping details: Lots on sale at Bloomingdale’s right now! This Aqua Camo Anorak is a great price. I also liked this Camo Velvet Bodysuit because I love anything velvet and bodysuits are totally back. You know I love the brand Bailey 44 so I was beyond thrilled when I was able to get this velvet slip dress on sale! Also, this Bailey 44 dress which I wore back in the winter is still available on sale too! On the topic of dresses, I think I like this Flounce Hem Plaid Dress.

I didn’t run yesterday but I’m in the mood to run today so I think I will do that even though it’s super hot here again. Have a great (short) week!

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If you are a blogger, how has your blog routine changed over the years?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

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  1. Marissa says

    Your pizza looks amazing!!

    Best thing I ate this weekend was a paleo fudge brownie 🙂 My bff recently found out that she has to go gluten free as well so she brought me 1/2 of one. You would seriously never know that it’s gluten free!

  2. says

    I go through phases with blogging and right now I am not feeling very creative, so its easier to sort of follow a schedule. Schools here started today but a bunch were closed because of the heat (the ones without AC) for today and tomorrow!

  3. says

    Oh my a peanut avocado roll! That def sounds up my alley, but I’ve never seen it on menus before!
    My blogging routine DEF changes depending on schoolwork and just general responsibilities. Often it just has to take much more of a backseat, and I’m learning to be totally okay with that.
    Best thing I ate recently was a big waffle cone with the BEST rocky road and goat cheese cherry ice cream from Jeni’s 🙂
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