Workouts From The Week (8.27.18 – 9.2.18)


I hope you are enjoying the long weekend! Quick check-in today with my workouts from the week…

Monday – 30 Min Elliptical/5 Min Pure Barre

I honestly didn’t want to run and sweat up my hair so I chose the elliptical which STILL left me sweaty to the point where maintaining my hair wasn’t going to happen. Ah, well, there went that. I played around in the gym a bit doing squats and lunges and then quickly did a 5 minute Pure Barre seat workout at home before going in the shower.

Tuesday – 7 Miles

It was heat wave HOT outside but really not too bad early in the morning. I ran 6 miles and then a cool down until I reached my front door. When I paused run keeper, I realized I was about .40 away from 7 miles so I continued for a few minutes to loosely finish up the distance but didn’t track it.

7 miles

Wednesday – 45 Min Pure Barre/30 Min Walk

Great Pure Barre workout today! In case you haven’t read my review of Pure Barre On Demand, here’s the link again. I love having the wide variety of Pure Barre workout options at home!

pure barre

Thursday – 60 Min Walk/10 Min Pure Barre

I’m guessing I was outside for about an hour. I don’t track distance when I walk but loosely look at the time. When I came home, I tried a fairly new 10 minute Pure Barre seat workout. It was a good one and definitely worked thighs too!

Friday – 6 Miles

I don’t usually run on Friday’s but I felt like running so I did. I was getting in a groove until my phone rang so I chose to run easy the rest of the way while chatting.

6 miles

Saturday – 8 Miles

A little less humidity today which was nice! I picked up my pace at random times so nothing specific in terms of a workout to report.

8 miles

Sunday – Pure Barre

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Is today a run day or rest day or something else day?

Who else has Pure Barre On Demand? Are you enjoying it? If you don’t have Pure Barre On Demand, do you have any questions about it for me?

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  1. says

    I haven’t worked out the past few days because this cold and sinus sickness (and the kid) are kicking my non-ass ass. I did go to the beach with her yesterday so lots of water lifts (i.e. my new weight these days), and I’m sure we walked a couple miles at the Zoo on Saturday night, sometimes while also holding my 28lb weight (i.e. Ave), so I’m good.

    You make me miss Barre classes.