Catching Up + Cooking By The Book In NYC

Well this week certainly got away from me! It’s really not like me to miss a Wednesday AND Thursday post but it happened. I’m hoping that once school starts after Labor Day, my life will feel more in sync and back to routine so that I can find my blog rhythm again.


Rather than recap the week or share a list of favorites, I want to discuss my fun day in the city yesterday. It’s worth mentioning the weather right now is AMAZING. Sunshine, no humidity and I think yesterday was barely 80 degrees.


While I do work remotely, it’s always nice to head in to the city office sometimes, especially when it’s for a fun team building adventure.

The easiest way to explain this is that the AllSeated founders were in town this week and wanted to do something fun with us here in New York so we went to Cooking By The Book and it was a great time! We are a really close group even though we don’t work together in person very often which is really special.

New York office

We headed downtown as a group to the Cooking By The Book location which is in Tribeca. I’m getting so much better as of late at knowing where I am when downtown (it’s really confusing in comparison to the rest of the city if you ask my opinion) but no matter what, I always sort of stop in my tracks when I see the Freedom Tower. That will never change. It honestly freaks me out a bit.

freedom tower

So the point of Cooking By The Book is to prepare a 3-course meal as a team and then eat. It was so much fun!

We started with appetizers and wine while listening to the rules of the class (which we follow so loosely but that’s part of our charm).


I didn’t get a ton of pictures but we made a risotto, some sort of fish as a main course, and a strawberry shortcake dessert.


I was all about the roasted asparagus which went in the risotto.

roasted asparagus

The risotto was absolutely delicious. I wish they would have sent us home with the recipe actually.


The fish (okay now I remember, it was a cross between salmon and trout, maybe it was char?) was cooked in a packet along with vegetables, wine, salt and pepper. I think that’s it, I didn’t have a ton of involvement with the fish preparation.

main course main course

We made everything from scratch including the whipped cream and scone-like biscuits which were the crust for the strawberry shortcake dessert.

strawberry shortcake

How cute were the aprons?!

I’m very happy that today is Friday and that the weather looks nice for the next few days without humidity! Have a great weekend. 🙂

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Have you ever taken a cooking class like Cooking By The Book?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

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  1. says

    I have never taken a cooking class but I really want to. It sounds like such a fun team building event!

    This weekend will hopefully be low key but we do have a lake date set with a new couple that we’re becoming friends with and our puppies. Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    That fish looks amazing!!

    I’m doing something outdoorsy on Saturday (kayaking, hiking, or the beach–haven’t decided yet) and then celebrating my brother’s birthday on Sunday.

  3. says

    That cooking class looks so fun! Ryan and I took one together once in Detroit for our one-year dating anniversary. We made pizza and it was really fun – we always say we should take another one.
    This weekend I think we’re seeing one of my BILs and binge-watching The Office because we finally gave into it and are now obsessed.