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Amanda hasn’t been doing her Thinking Out Loud posts but I felt like sharing one today anyway!

thinking out loud

Suddenly I am being asked to moderate the comments on my blog posts rather than have them automatically appear per usual. I’m not really sure why this is happening as the settings do not show that I have chosen to moderate my comments. I’m trying to pretend the issue will resolve itself because I cannot be bothered with these technicalities. So, if you notice your comment being moderated, I am not doing it on purpose.

School in New York does not begin until after Labor Day. I was doing okay with this since my son is fairly self-sufficient (in terms of mostly leaving me alone and being old enough to be left alone but he makes a huge mess and leaves his laundry everywhere) until he started yesterday with the playing hockey in the house right in front of me while I was trying to work. I’ve had just about enough of him and I have no problem telling you this because I told him the same thing. He’s lucky his face is so cute though.

I think right now the funniest part about my son is how alike his personality and mannerisms are to his father. It’s like I’m talking to his dad but I’m not talking to his dad because I’m talking to my kid but geez, how did this happen when we are divorced and they aren’t together all the time?! It seriously runs in the blood. Divorce is a funny thing when you have kids because seeing your ex-husband’s personality traits in your child could make or break you. Thankfully, I am amused by it. I can smile and say you are SO YOUR FATHER and mean it in a genuinely nice way.

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I am realizing that my Lululemon Run Swiftly tops have seen their last days. I definitely need new short sleeve tops AND the long sleeve version too. In fact, I probably need an entire new fall running wardrobe. Surprisingly enough, I don’t love to spend money on my running apparel! Aside from my running shoes because those are a no choice expenditure, I do try to make use of my running clothes for as many seasons as possible because my running clothes, as important as they are, are not as important to me as my regular apparel.

Speaking of apparel, I’ve been trying to keep the side bar of the blog updated with my latest fashion favorites. I’ve got all of my favorites in the top menu bar broken down by accessories, apparel, running, shoes, makeup etc, but the side bar has look books which I can update to feature with specific items.

fashion faves


I was in the city last night and failed to take any pictures because that seems to be how I operate these days.

It’s not great for my life as a blogger but it’s nice for life otherwise because you live without stopping to think about taking a picture to document every single thing you do. I was never that type of blogger anyway but especially now, I’ve moved away even more from thinking about taking pictures for the blog to report back on what I’ve done and where I’ve been.

This quote is not exactly a totally true statement for me since I do share so much but I think it’s an important one for people to keep in mind in today’s world of over sharing.


Anyone notice their comments being moderated on my blog? I can’t control it!

How do you feel about oversharing on social media?

Who else needs new running clothes for fall?


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  1. says

    I think I’m going to need some new running clothes for the fall but I’m so picky! My leggings can’t move when I run because it bothers me and I need my tops to be semi fitted so I can still move but they aren’t suction cupped to me. Plus running clothes can be expensive and I sometimes hate spending the money on it.

  2. says

    I’m not a huge fan of over-sharing on social media. I am bad about taking photos, but at least I’m enjoying this while they happen. I will probably need more fall/winter running clothes, as right now I’m not crazy about most of my long sleeve tops and want some new ones.

  3. says

    I havent noticed that my comments need moderating, but that is definitely a pain for you to have to figure out why its happening. Hopefully it gets resolved soon!

  4. says

    Sometimes I wish more people over shared or maybe just genuinely shared would be a more apt description. I feel like social media has become so scripted to the point where I can’t relate.

    I’ve been leaving my phone alone more lately because it’s refreshing to have a break, especially when it’s from the picture perfect madness.