City Weekend + What I Ate At Max Brenner


This weekend went by so quickly that it took me a minute to realize that I spent both Friday night and Sunday in the city! Blog posts are probably the only reason I recall the sequence of events in my weekends!

city nights

I did struggle to recall what I did on Saturday though. It was the in between day in my weekend when I sort of laid low, went shopping (bought a new bra!), and oh wait, the black and white cookie happened which I shared in yesterday’s post!

I spent yesterday morning at the pool before heading into the city again. Pretty sure yesterday started the heat wave here – it’s hot!


Union Square (and Max Brenner) were the destination. Sunday’s in the city in the summer are really nice. It’s relatively quiet for city-standards and the traffic was EXTREMELY light.


We started with the onion rings. The onion rings are served with a cocoa dusted ranch dipping sauce but I don’t think I notice the cocoa flavor at all.


I chose a quinoa salad (not the exact salad name on the menu but it was a salad and it featured quinoa so let’s call it the quinoa salad) — it was good. Nothing overly amazing but good enough to order again.

max brenner quinoa salad

And my favorite chocolate fondue! I just wish they offered more of the foods that you dip in the chocolate without having to order extra! The chocolate chip cookies are the best! Also, I always ask for a spoon so I can eat the chocolate straight-up. 🙂

max Brenner chocolate fondue

In case you are interested, here are a few other posts where I recapped my meals at Max Brenner:

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How was your weekend? Best thing you ate? Ever been to a Max Brenner?

Is it hot where you are?

Which bras are your favorite? 

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh, it has been FOREVER since I’ve been to Max Brenner’s! I used to go with my best friends in high school, and we always got the fondue. I also had a birthday dinner there once, and I remember ordering the chocolate pizza for everyone to share and also got everyone a chocolate syringe. Such good memories of that place. Thanks for reminding me! I definitely need to go back soon.

  2. says

    I’ve never been to a Max Brenner – I’m trying to think if they have them in the Midwest or Northwest! That fondue looks sooooo delicious!