Weekend Rambling + Dinner At Salt


Life is returning to normal with the bunny back from his teen tour. It takes some adjusting on both ends for us, that’s for sure.

He slept for 17 hours the first night, then woke up and wanted to go straight to my parents’ house. I had ZERO ISSUE with that as it works well for me because hi, I work from home. It’s a balance figuring out work plus my son around!

Then it was weird that he was back but not back because I was free but felt like I shouldn’t be free because the kid was home, but not home because he was at my parents. So I kept calling him over there to check in and see what he was doing and if anyone needed me.

He didn’t need me until Saturday afternoon at which point I headed over to get him and then we went for dinner at Salt. It was really nice out which is the charm of dining here but I swear its way overpriced for the menu.

Like I don’t even want to go here again unless they give me something better to order.

salt on the water

The only thing I find worth it this season at Salt is the fried mozzarella. It’s so good! Overpriced but good.

fried mozarella

And I just had to sneak a picture of this face. He still has his little bunny face even though he’s going to be 15 this October. 15!!

We finally had time to chat about his trip over dinner and he showed me lots of pictures. The teen tour does give me photo albums in my camp account but I wanted to see more pictures like from Rodeo Drive, Disney, and San Diego!


^ The kid was actually texting one of the girls from his tour who lives right by the restaurant but I didn’t ask too many questions because I’m not that kind of parent! He tells me what he tells me and I respond in a nonchalant way hoping that my response triggers details. HA.

I ordered the poke bowl this time as my meal. Eh, it was absolutely nothing special.

poke bowl

The dessert menu is weak so we stopped at Spoons. I was super full from the fried mozzarella so I didn’t get anything but my son had a shake. Read my review from Spoons here!

spoons li

I felt like I was on my feet all day yesterday. I went for a walk after Pure Barre, continued to organize the house and put away laundry from his trip, and then ran a bunch of errands getting him some things that he needed after being away.

Then I went to the mall with my friend. We thought it was a pool day but it kept getting cloudy so the mall made more sense.


I am trying to rationalize these leather espadrilles as I do think I can wear them everyday into November. And then the sales lady tried to sell me these sneakers at which point I told her that I already have them from 15 years ago. What’s old is new again! This is also why I say it’s worth investing in the classics, even if they are pricey, because they are timeless!

Did you know yesterday was National Lipstick Day? The stores were making a big deal out of it and Bloomingdale’s was serving gelato for the occasion. So random but I had some.


My friend got a picture of the back of my head. This summer I’ve been wearing my hair up in a bun very often which makes it easy to have a bad hair day because in bun, no one can tell!


Have a great week!

How was your weekend? Best thing you ate?

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  1. says

    Glad your son is home and had a good time on his trip! I’ve never heard of Salt but the view does look nice. Very strange that Bloomingdales would have gelato for National Lipstick day!

  2. says

    I like your parenting style! I hope to be that chill when I’m a mom of a teen. I remember when I was a kid, I didn’t want to tell my mom anything because she was always dying to know haha.

    My hair is almost always in a bun unless I’m going somewhere important. Makes my life so much easier!

  3. says

    I hate feeling like a restaurant is overpriced for the food. The fried mozzarella looks delicious though! Too funny the sales woman tried to sell you shoes that you bought years ago and still have.

  4. says

    I don’t like how so many restaurants seem overpriced now! Maybe it’s just where I live but when food is expensive, you expect more than just okay quality. The gelato for lipstick day is so random but it looks tasty!

  5. says

    Overpriced restaurants where the food isn’t worth it are the worst. I don’t mind paying if I’m getting a great meal, but if not, no way.

    Ave had her first milk shake the other day. Not surprisingly, she was a huge fan, and had the whipped cream on her nose to prove it.