Weekend Food Plus More Serious Story At End of Post!

I noticed in my phone that I had a whole bunch of photos (mostly food!) from the last few days to share so today’s post feels like a photo dump of sorts, with a more serious story at end.

Lunch at Chopt! I ran into a friend and had lunch with her which is funny because for a really long time we keep trying to make plans to meet up so this randomly worked out even though we are still trying to make other plans!


I want to do a more formal post regarding Tula Kitchen. Their menu has SO MANY vegetarian and vegan options that I need to go back, try a few more dishes, and fully write up a review.

Can’t go wrong with a hummus platter.


Stuffed avocado! Not 100% sure what’s involved here but there was quinoa and feta cheese.

stuffed avocado

This was a barbecue roasted broccoli and cauliflower salad! YUM.

Tula kitchen broccoli and cauliflower salad

The chocolate cake was fair. Maybe if I wasn’t such a dessert snob I would have liked it more but I am a snob and have a strong dessert opinion.


My favorite meal at home. A slice of whole wheat margarita pizza from Marios that I pick up for take out and serve at home with a side salad.

pizza and salad

I had a lot of coffee yesterday.


Followed by bottomless mimosas.


Okay on a more serious note which stems from my visit to Nordstrom on Saturday.


So I had every intention of shopping at Nordstrom on Saturday just to see if there were any good deals for the anniversary sale that I may have missed last week when browsing online.

I made it through the shoe department while drinking a delicious Nordstrom latte before making a quick decision to head into the mall rather than heading upstairs first to shop the second and third floor.

It’s funny how quick decisions can change your plans.

As I was walking in the mall, I spotted my ex-husband walking towards me (as in towards Nordstrom).

Now listen, it’s totally not a big deal to run into him (we get along really well) but also not normal to run into him either. It’s been a good eight years since a run in has occurred and in all honesty, he didn’t even know back then that they ran into me that time. I had spotted them in this mall back then and had quickly hid (in Foot Locker I think) to avoid being seen.

This time was different. Not only is it eight years later which means I am eight years further along from this whole mess of a divorce but he was also not with her so it was okay for me to stop in my tracks, let him see me, watch his reaction (because this is so rare) and then of course, ask if she’s somewhere in this mall.

Since the answer was yes and the answer seemed to insinuate she was in fact in Nordstrom, I left.

A few things to note:

Leaving was totally my decision. Of course I didn’t have to leave and may not have run into her but I shop often enough that I certainly didn’t need to stay under these conditions.

I say these conditions because shopping is my happy place and knowing that this person could be anywhere around me is not something I need.

If you read my post, My Story To Tell, you can sort of understand. I made it through that Bar Mitzvah with her there which really was a mistake but also a learning experience for how I would proceed going forward.

I am stronger than ever before but also strong enough to realize when it’s okay not to force myself into situations that make you appear to be the bigger, better, stronger person.

The Universe is funny sometimes. I spent Saturday morning helping someone I know navigate the beginnings of her own divorce process. She asked me over and over how I did it, how I became okay, how I handled the really hard and sad parts. I was able to talk to her from where I am now, explaining how I made it through and how I’m so fine and she will be too.

And then only a few hours later, I’m confronted with MY past in MY mall. Like HA, let’s see how fine you really are!

Well I am FINE. But I know my limits as well as where I should and shouldn’t be for my own sanity. Shopping in that environment was not at all necessary.

I left the mall and got my hair blown out instead. 🙂

If you are interested in my No-Nonsense Guide To Divorce & Co-Parenting, here’s the link!

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How was your weekend? Best thing you ate?

Shop the Nordstrom sale? What did you get?

Ever have to hide in a store to avoid being seen?!

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  1. says

    It’s an undeniable human experience that a person so meaningless/worthless/truly unimportant in our lives can send us into an inner trefoil and frenzy. As much as we talk to ourselves the very sight of that person creates feelings in us strongest of people that we just can stop because they come from our emotional side not our intellectual side. It’s just being human and hey life isn’t what it appears on the surface because what goes around comes around and what appears blissful isn’t always so! You’ve come a long wayyyyy baby!

  2. says

    I think you were smart to leave. Shopping is supposed to be fun so it’s not wroth the thought in the back of your head if you were going to see someone you would rather not see. I’ve been there and it sucks the enjoyment out of everything!!

    I bought a silver statement yet simple necklace as a birthday gift for someone and I’m probably going to order one for myself now that I’m thinking about it haha. I’ll also grab a pair of Zella leggings because I love them! I ran a half marathon in them and they didn’t not budge even a millimeter.

  3. says

    I’m sorry you had to leave Nordstrom, but I agree that you made the right decision. There’s something to be said for sticking to your plans, but I think it’s even more important to know what’s best for you at any given moment. Good for you!

  4. says

    Oh my god what a moment to run into your ex (anywhere actually), all those feelings that appear are difficult to handle,

    I’m glad that you could manage the situation in the best way

    On a side note that slice of whole wheat margarita pizza looks amazing!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    You were absolutely right to leave. No point adding unnecessary anxiety and stress to an activity that brings you joy. Of course it sucks that you need to leave whenever this person shows up, but that’s life, and you need to do what’s best for you. You wouldn’t’ve stayed if the building started burning, right?
    Also, love that you went and got a blowout after; that was the best ending to that story 😉
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