Summer Weekend + Recent Eats + Pizza As Part of Healthy Lifestyle


Normally I would be due for a Trader Joe’s post so that you could see what I’ve been buying and eating lately. Right now though, with my son away, I’ve been dining out crazy often and hardly stocking the house with any food! Aside from basic salad ingredients, coffee, chocolate chips, and oatmeal essentials, there’s nothing else to be found in my kitchen.

So, instead of showing pictures of groceries, I have a bunch of weekend/food photos to share from the last few days — but first a quick note on my son.

He is having a BLAST out west. I try to separate myself from the whole thing because if I stop to think about where he is and what he’s doing, I may have a heart attack. Instead, I know his itinerary and take a quick peak to track his location on my phone. I also think about how NOT hearing from him means he’s happy and fine and the few times he does call or text me, it’s to send me a screenshot, to ask where something is in his luggage or to tell me something funny.

My friend Meghan however, she’s busy keeping good tabs on our kids with snapchat. Her daughter is doing the same teen tour but she’s in a different group so her tour is two days behind his tour.

On the map she can see where they both are and it’s pretty funny. This screenshot is from a few days ago.

Seeing my child standing somewhere in Wyoming near Montana is such a crazy concept for someone like me, as I will admit that I have always been the most classic example of a super sheltered New Yorker. I’m just so glad that I’ve been able to give him these teen tour experiences (last summer and this summer) though to really see outside of the New York area!


Over the weekend he was in Park City, Utah and I saw a debit from Whole Foods! I hope he had something good!

Moving on to my life…

Best part of living on Long Island is outdoor dining in the summer. I need to make sure I hit all of my favorite outdoor dining spots before the season ends!

dinner by water

My friend Dina and I worked together on Friday which led us to go out for a quick-lunch in between our time in front of our laptops. I was so thrilled to go to Emilio’s because I LOVE their veggie salad!

Look how they serve it all nicely packed until you take your fork to it.

Emilios veggie salad

Emilios veggie salad

Sushi for dinner over the weekend. I hadn’t had sushi in a couple of weeks I think!


The beach was GORGEOUS on Saturday. Like the kind of beach weather you can only dream about and probably won’t see more than once a summer.

We were able to sit all day long until early evening without sweating or ever feeling hot. It was amazing aside from burning the random spots at the tops of my thighs because I must have missed applying enough sunblock in that area!

beach selfie

This was probably the weekend to run on the boardwalk BUT there was an all-day fair going on so there’s that. Not that I was planning to run anyway but it’s worth noting that it would have been crowded and impossible. 

Long Beach boardwalk

Lunch at Gino’s again. This time I had the salad with the candied walnuts and cranberries. Is that gorgonzola cheese? I think so.


Mandatory pizza.


Yesterday was equally as nice but I had enough sun on Saturday. I did go for a really long walk in the morning and then went for a much-needed manicure and pedicure. After that I ended up at the mall where I ran into my mom so we walked around together.

Rather than coffee, I needed water.


Clearly I am back on my pizza kick. I see nothing wrong with eating pizza all of the time! I know some people associate pizza with a poor diet but I 100% disagree. First, I think that any food that is your favorite can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Eliminating anything you love is not a way to live.

And really, what’s so wrong with pizza? Why can’t pizza be incorporated into a person’s lifestyle successfully? It’s never any one meal that does the damage that people think.

Find me a more satisfying meal than this delicious whole wheat margarita slice paired with a salad. Balance at its finest.


The weather is nice again this morning! I know the humidity will return quickly so I really need to take advantage with a good run. Have a great week!

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How was your weekend? Did you have good weather? What did you do?

Did you do a teen tour as a kid? Where did you go? 

What’s your favorite food? How often do you eat it?

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  1. says

    Love seeing you living it up while your son is away! 😉 Also love your thoughts on pizza and could not agree more. It would be much more unhealthy if you cut pizza out of your diet and proceeded to hate everything and everyone until you finally got your hands on a slice. Or three. Hell, the whole box because you’d been good for so long. I also went to the beach on Saturday, and here in Brooklyn, it was also SO NICE. I read by book and looked out at the waves and just felt so wonderfully blissful.
    My fave food is def peanut butter, and you betcha I eat it every day 😉
    Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off recently posted…Important Self-Discoveries & The Best NYC Day {Week in Review}My Profile

  2. says

    Cutting stuff out of your diet without a medical need to is silly to me. Pizza is good for the soul! Plus there’s sauce which counts as a veggie, the crust is a carb and cheese has some protein right? So you’ve got a little of each food group 😉

  3. says

    The weather this weekend was amazing! I laid out of the deck both mornings and it was so nice to not be dripping with sweat. I don’t think there is anything wrong with eating pizza all the time! Well, I think as long as you’re eating enough veggies too.

  4. says

    Last weekend was absolutely beautiful. Ave and I were in Buffalo hanging with my family and we got to run together, hit the playground every day, the pool and the Zoo. This kid is living her best life. Kind of like your son. I love their little characters.