Need New Running Shoes + Workouts From The Week


A few things related to my workouts this week before getting to the recap!

— It’s time for a new pair of running shoes. My running shoes have been lasting much longer than usual since I’ve been running less BUT my Energy Boosts finally feeling worn and I can’t run in worn shoes. Since I do try to rotate my running shoes anyway, I’ve been opting more often for my Saucony Rides (my usual back up pair) until I get my new Boosts.

The Saucony Rides are super comfortable and I can totally run in them for any type of workout or distance but there’s still something I favor with the Energy Boosts. Please don’t ask me what makes the difference for me because at this point, I don’t really know what it is, I just know which pair is my top favorite and which comes in second.

saucony rides

— I’ve been going for more walks lately than usual. I think it has to do with summer and the sun being up early and me waking up early enough to have more time before starting my work day. I’m not looking to run more again (um, no way) but after Pure Barre or even as a cool down after running, time outside for a walk is feeling nice.

— Big heat wave this week! While this week was so weird with the holiday smack in the middle, endless days of heat and humidity only added to it. Finally by yesterday, the weather conditions improved but man, running the rest of the week, even early in the morning was super hot and extremely sticky!

All of my runs were basically the same now that I take a quick glance below. Just a focus on feeling well in the weather with bursts of speed when I could to mix things up.

Monday – 5 Miles

Oh boy, it was hot!

5 miles


Tuesday – 40 Min Pure Barre/40 Min Walk

After Pure Barre, I felt like taking a walk. I start my workouts earlier in the summer since the sun has me up and about earlier which means more time available before I like to begin my work day.

Wednesday – 5 Miles

It was crazy humid out there today! Even without bright sun, it was so hot!

5 miles


Thursday – 5 Miles/1 Mile Walk

I ran a little earlier than I have been which may have helped to alleviate the heat/humidity issue as of late. It was slightly better than yesterday I think! Of course I thought about going with the treadmill but I really wasn’t in the mood.

5 miles

Once I hit 5 miles, I decided to walk about a mile or so as a cool down.

Friday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Rainy morning so no walk today!

Saturday – 7 Miles

It was beautiful out this morning! After some storms yesterday, the hot and sticky air went away leaving the temps in the low 60’s with no humidity! About a mile walk to cool down.

7 miles

Sunday – Pure Barre/Maybe a walk

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Are you due for a new pair of running shoes? Which are your most favorite right now?

How did the heat wave (if you had it this week) affect your workouts?

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    This week was so brutal but I think thats what made this weekend feel so amazing! My pure flows are worn out so I got new ones, and my Levitates have 300 miles on them but this is my first pair so Im not sure how long they will last. I didnt really want to buy a new pair of those because they are so expensive (the ones I have were a bday present last fall) so instead I got a pair of the pure cadence. So I should be good to go with running shoes for awhile!

  2. says

    I snagged a new pair of Freedoms at Saucony’s Fourth of July sale because I realized mine were five months old and had gone through two races and training cycles. I like to take more walks in summer also – some days I finish my run further from home so I can enjoy a walk back.

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