Workouts + Quick Weekend Recap


We are talking my week in workouts today because I ended up running yesterday instead of Saturday so I figured I would hold off until this morning to fully recap the week.

First, you should know that my son left on his teen tour early Friday morning and of course called me looking for something in the luggage I packed for him because he couldn’t be bothered. But he called me even sooner than I expected!

He was looking for his toiletries.

I FREAKED OUT about this at first because it was just a big black bag placed in the main compartment of the suitcase so if he couldn’t find it, I decided it was somehow stolen by TSA.

However, after asking a few more questions through my shrieking, it seems my kid didn’t even unzip the luggage to try to locate his shampoo on his own before calling me.

While I stuffed random items in not so obvious slots, never in my wildest packing dreams did I envision him calling before even unzipping the suitcase! Such a boy.

Anyway! My workouts.

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, running earlier in the week was weird. I was much slower than usual and I honestly did not feel that blaming the weather was accurate. While I do not have cause for my slower pace, everything was fine by my treadmill run on Thursday, and even fine yesterday during the heat wave we are currently experiencing. Of course slower than normal days happen but they don’t really happen for me anymore so it was just weird!

Monday – 5 Miles

Nothing to say here other than I was much slower than I have been in 6 months.

5 miles

Tuesday – 5 Miles

This was more like 4 miles plus a mile walking while on the phone. Maybe I felt a little more powerful than yesterday but still not myself. What gives?

Wednesday – 55 Min Pure Barre (sculpted arms)

I was due for a Pure Barre and was totally in the mood for one of the longer workouts so I went with one of my faves – sculpted arms. Even though it’s an arm-focused workout, it’s really a complete, full body workout the entire time. And it’s killer!

Thursday – 5 Miles (treadmill)

Happy to say I felt back to normal this morning! It was raining so I opted for the treadmill although I think I would have anyway. I really wanted to see if my pace would return to normal and inside would be a good test as I would not be affected by the summer weather.

5 miles in a little over 41 minutes was a good sign.


Friday – OFF

I left to take my son to the airport super early in the morning and then made today an OFF day because when I got back, I went straight for his room to start cleaning! Cleaning is strenuous stuff though!

Saturday – 45 Min Pure Barre/3 Mile Walk

I swapped my weekend run days around so today was a Pure Barre day instead of running. After Pure Barre, I went out for a walk and I believe I covered 3 miles.


Sunday – 6 Miles

Hot out there but my pace was in a normal range, especially for 78 degrees at 6:30 AM with high humidity! Who remembers when I used to run at least double this distance, even in this hot and humid weather? I must have been nuts. 🙂

6 miles

Quick Weekend Recap:

I spent most of the weekend outdoors and was really excited to use my new Carmen Sol tote that my friends bought me for my birthday!!How much do you love this shade of powder blue?!

carmen sol tote

^ I can’t find the direct link to my new very soft and pretty Henri Bendel beach towel but check out this striped round beach towel they came out with this year! Love it.

Dinner Saturday night involved my favorite charred cauliflower pizza at Refuge.

Not a great picture because of how the sun hit our table but needed to share it anyway!

refuge cauliflower pizza

Oh and fudge from Kilwin’s! I only noticed the calorie listing after taking this picture for the blog which was after I inhaled my piece.

Who the heck wants to know the calories for fudge?!

Weird week coming up with July 4 on Wednesday. It’s like – is everyone away because the holiday is smack in the middle of the week so they took off four days to make it a full week or is it just a random holiday on a Wednesday and you work the days around it? Or, because so many people took off, even if you work, it’s a quiet week? Not really sure!

Are you working this week? Are you taking off to make it a long weekend?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Are you currently experiencing the heat wave too?

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  1. says

    Definitely experiencing the heat wave here in MD; it’s supposed to be almost 100 today and humid! hopefully it cools off again soon though 🙂
    And that fudge looks mazing, who cares about the calories if you enjoyed it !!

  2. says

    The best thing I ate this weekend was warm brussel sprout salad with a side of fries – so salty and delicious!

  3. says

    I kind of love fudge, especially chocolate, peanut butter and butter pecan. Ok, I just love all fudge, calories per slice or not.

    This week we’re headed to Toledo on Wednesday for the holiday and then Buffalo for the weekend to visit my family. It’s gonna be a busy one.