Friday Favorites: Treadmill Run + Summer Starts + My Style


Ahhh my son leaves this morning for his teen tour!

You can be sure I will continue to repeat the following a few times on the way to drop him off:

Well, I hope I packed you right. Good luck finding everything in your luggage as you ignored me when I tried to explain where specific stuff is located. Please remember to wash your face. Also, you must wear the sunscreen I packed, not someone else’s because their brand may contain the bad ingredients. Do not spend money simply because you can, I will cut you off for sure. Have a great time! 🙂

So along with our summer OFFICIALLY starting today, I have a few other favorites from the week to discuss!

Favorite Fitness:

Long story short, yesterday’s treadmill run was my favorite so far this week. I will go into more detail in my workout recap post BUT running earlier this week (Monday and Tuesday) really threw me for a loop. I was slower on average than I’ve been in over 6 months and I had no reason why! My legs weren’t dead, I just wasn’t getting anywhere and I couldn’t really blame the weather. It was honestly not that hot or humid at all to slow me to a 9:15 average pace.

I went with the treadmill yesterday (it was raining) and FELT NORMAL.


Thank goodness. I’m not one to freak over pace but I was definitely confused earlier this week because I was really not in what has become the normal range for me. I felt much better about life yesterday morning when I hit 5 miles naturally without trying at right around 41 minutes. That’s much more like it for me these days!

Favorite Food:

I won’t even say pizza again. Let’s go with the onion rings from dinner Wednesday night at Zinburger. I’m definitely not a huge Zinburger fan (didn’t like my salad) but their onion rings are terrific.

onion rings

Flashback post: I was on a mission last summer for the Best Onion Rings in New York!

Favorite Fashion:

I will NEVER be a buttoned-up professional as it’s totally not my style. You already know that I despise blazers, and I feel like most sophisticated work ensembles do not fit my personality, making me feel as though I’m playing dress-up.

I need to take corporate-type attire and make it ME which is what I did right here with this outfit. This is so MY STYLE.

city outfit

Take this Banana Republic Tailored Fit Super Stretch Shirt and tie it. It’s much cuter that way! Then pair it with a skirt that has some personality and flatters your figure – I always go A-Line OR Fit and Flare. The above skirt is from Banana Republic and has my favorite chiffon (!!) but I can’t find the link anymore. Here’s an adorable ruffled eyelet skirt though and I LOVE this tiered lace-trim skirt too!

Make your shoes count. I always say that heels should be comfortable enough to walk city streets while also providing style so when you look down at your feet, you smile because they are pretty. I can’t locate the exact pair I’m wearing but from the same brand, these are on sale (with a bow!) and these Rockstud Spike Leather Pumps can be worn year round with anything and will never go out of style. Worth the investment.

cute outfit

Oh and my little black bag. It’s Henri Bendel from almost two years ago now so they no longer have it. HOWEVER, you can totally do this 2 in 1 Turn Lock Wallet On A String or this black Convertible Shoulder bag. Also! You may remember that I have this Phone Wallet Purse but now it comes as crossbody bag with a strap! 

Side note: Big sales going on at Bendel right now. Definitely check everything out!

Favorite Find:

Sticking with fashion this week, you have NO IDEA my excitement over scoring this Generation Love Embellished Cut Out Tee for a fraction of the original price. I’ve had my eye on this top FOR MONTHS. I tried it on so long ago and loved the style but couldn’t bring myself to spend $139 for a t-shirt. Well, it went on sale, and on sale again, and then on sale again.  I was able to get it for $31!! Cannot beat that price. I think Bloomingdales keeps fluctuating their sale pricing so keep your eye on it before you spend too much.

Have a great weekend!

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Any fun summer plans for this weekend?

How often do you notice your average pace to fall out of the normal range for you? Can you usually figure out why? Has the weather been an issue yet this summer in terms of affecting your running?

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  1. says

    I think sometimes the weather affects my pace more than I realize. Like it might not feel that hot or humid out but for some reason my pace slows anyway. I also think back to what I did in the days before. Sometimes a long run can leave me tired even 2-3 days later or my legs are dead from a strength training workout.

  2. says

    I find that sometimes I’ll have a few weird runs in a row for no apparent reason then I’m back to my normal self. The body is weird that way.

    I’m not a big onion ring person but those look delicious!

    Blazers aren’t my thing either so I go for more fun blazers as I call them haha. They’re less structured and I’ll get them in different fabrics and styles for the times I do have to dress up. Let’s be real though, my office is really casual so I wear jeans and Sperrys a lot.

  3. says

    Aww I love that outfit. It is so you, you’re right. 😀 Yeah the thing I hate about corporate attire is it often saps any individuality; I mean it’s designed for everyone to basically look the same. NOT the way I roll at all.
    Congrats on the official start of summer 😉 When does your son return?
    Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off recently posted…Breathe…You Are EnoughMy Profile

  4. says

    I love your outfit and sense of fashion. Banana Republic always has the cutest skirts. I have random days were my runs are just slower or more sluggish, and then I have days where I anticipate the humidity slowing me down and it is the opposite.