Talking Pizza Cravings + Blogger Struggles + Other Happenings


As a writer, I either feel one of two ways during busy times in my life. When my brain and day to day activities feel all over the place, sitting down to write blog posts will either center me and help me to feel more normal (sort of like running does!), or it becomes a task that I am just not capable of dialing in and doing.

Right now, I think I am actually somewhere in the middle. I know it’s the time of year and I’m busy with a bunch of things. I also  know a lot of it has to do with getting my son ready to leave Friday morning for his teen tour. But still, it’s a weird feeling when I feel a little out of sync with my blog and with writing! I just keep telling myself that I’ve been writing this blog super consistently for 5+ years (!!) and times like this happen. And it’s okay!

My brain and routine will return eventually and everything will be just fine.

So the calendar says it’s Wednesday which usually means a food post. While I do have food pizza to share with you, I’m going to throw in some other thoughts too.

First the pizza cravings again. As I keep telling you, I am in a major pizza phase. MAJOR.

I had the whole wheat margarita pizza again from Mario’s Monday night!

My son chose Mario’s for dinner after his dentist appointment. Even though I wanted La Scala (which is across the street from Mario’s), I was pretty okay with his choice because I do love this margarita slice right now! Of course I ordered it with a salad. 🙂

margarita pizza

And then I grabbed this slice in the city yesterday! OH SO GOOD.

Sicilian pizza

I do think I feel the pizza craving passing over me as I write this post. The best part of honoring your cravings is knowing that as you do, you will become satisfied and can move on. This pizza craving has lasted longer than my usual random cravings but that’s fine – It’s just so important to give yourself what you want to eat rather than deprive yourself!

My friend and I have been taking our kids for Ralph’s Ices at night. In our pajamas. Well, actually, I’m the only one in pajamas but no one seems to mind.

Ralph's Ices

It’s crazy to see our kids (she has a daughter one year younger than my son and lives right next door to us for the last 9 or so years now!) growing up so quickly. Like we used to stick them in the car way back when for a ride for ices and dessert every night in the summer after day camp and now they are teenagers both leaving for a teen tour, and actually getting along like friends maybe.They treat each other like brother and sister.

Flashback photo right here from the summer of 2011, back when we would go for Crumbs cupcakes a few nights a week. I need to sneak a picture of them now! Maybe tonight, we have dinner plans with them tonight!

Benji and Mia 2011

Speaking of summer, I am back to being livid about XM Satellite Radio taking away my Love Song station and replacing it with this Yacht Rock Radio for the summer. Do you remember me complaining about it last summer?!

They have hundreds of radio stations, they can’t just delegate one for this Yacht Rock nonsense and leave Love songs alone?

I do like this song but otherwise, I am all bent out of shape and missing my sappy music.

yacht rock radio

“If you get lost between the moon and New York City, the best that you can do is fall in love…”


If you are a blogger, do you struggle sometimes to sit down to write when life is busy?

What have you been craving lately?

Are you an XM Satellite Radio fan? Which stations are your favorite? 

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  1. says

    Yacht Rock Radio! Um for all of us living our best yacht life. Scratches head.

    I most definitely struggle to write when we’re busy or when I’m sad. In both cases, I want to retreat into my own solitude instead of share with the world.

    I hope Ave is as close to her bestie in ten years as your son and neighbor are now. The picture of the two of them is fabulous.

    • says

      thank you – I cannot believe that picture is from 7 summers ago already! Time really flies. And yeah, the whole Yacht Rock radio thing is ridiculous. At least give it a new station rather than take away a good one.

  2. says

    The slice from Mario’s looks delicious! I’m a big fan of margarita pizza that doesn’t have tomato slices on it.

    I definitely get into phases where I don’t want to write and I totally think it’s normal. It happens to me with most things in like. Like a food craving, it passes after a few days.

  3. says

    I love what you said about ” It’s [just] so important to give yourself what you want to eat rather than deprive yourself!”. I have been struggling a lot with that lately, mainly because all I’ve wanted is peanut butter (lol).

    • says

      It’s absolutely so important! I used to go through phases with wanting all the peanut butter too. Keep eating it and adding it to everything and then the feeling will go away.

  4. says

    OMG if I drove, I’d be SO mad about the lack of the Love Song station. Everyone knows that’s the only thing to listen to when driving. How else are you going to stare broodingly out the window at the stoplight?? You must write a complaint :p
    I’m definitely in a cheese phase. I often go through periods of eating zero cheese and then all of a sudden I want to buy all the fancy cheese and lay it all out and eat it for lunch with grapes and jam and pretend I’m fancy. It’s great. 😀
    Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday {Immune Boosting Edition}My Profile

  5. Ann says

    Long time reader…first time commenting… I love the Love channel! It’s the best! I am 41 and it brings back awesome cheesy memories!

    I have been loving channel 47 lately… it’s all 90’s R and B. Snoop Dog, one hit wonders…try it out!

    Love your blog, btw! ☺️

  6. says

    Your pizza always looks so good! I’ve been making it at least once a week, I think the warmer weather makes me crave it. And I feel exactly the same way about writing.

    • says

      maybe that’s why ive been craving it too, maybe it’s a seasonal thing! I have a few whole wheat pizza doughs frozen, I should be making it myself – thanks for the reminder.

  7. Lisa @ Mile by Mile says

    I’ve been loving pizza lately too! I need some good NY pizza though. I think the hardest times for me to write blog posts are when I cant think about anything to write about.