Workout Recap: Easy Runs + Less Sleep + PMS Week


As I said in Friday’s post, this was a busy blur of a week! While of course I got my workouts in, my runs were all at an easy level — here’s why:

1 – There were a few nights where I didn’t sleep as well as I usually do which TOTALLY affected my ability to run. I need my 8 hours (at least) of sleep, otherwise I am way too drained to put in a good effort during my workouts. It’s actually amazing to see so quickly how sleep really does make or break me!

2 – This was also a PMS week for me. While I didn’t notice the PMS side of my mood at all (which was great!), I do keep this time of the month in mind while running so that I pay extra attention to where my body is at in terms of pushing my effort levels. I can feel overheated very quickly as well as dizzy and nauseous out of nowhere.

3 – My period came like clock work Saturday morning which meant taking Saturday’s run super easy. It actually turned into a decent run but running on the first day of my cycle is never overly pleasant if you know what I mean. Just that overall bleh feeling, you know?

Link of interest: How What Female Runners Should Know About Their Menstrual Cycle

Anyway, I’m hoping this week brings me balanced hormones, sleep, and energy so that I can throw in some speed workouts! It’s supposed to be on the warmer side so I’m actually considering a treadmill run or two, just so I can feel comfortable enough to push my pace. We shall see though, sometimes it’s hard to resist a summer run for the sunshine!

Monday – 5 Miles/10 Min Pure Barre

Easy 5 miles before coming home and deciding that I felt like tacking on a 10 min Pure Barre workout for seat & abs.

5 miles

Tuesday – 45 Min Pure Barre Workout

I mentioned this Pure Barre workout in Friday’s Favorite’s post. I had never done this specific Pure Barre workout and I really liked it! A lot of the exercises were different from the wide variety that I usually do in all of the other workouts. It was fun!

Wednesday – 4 Miles/Strength Stuff

I got caught in a sun shower (I didn’t know it was supposed to rain?) and it became heavy enough that I headed inside to the gym. I had completed like 2.5 miles outside so I added one fast mile on the treadmill before switching over to some free weights for upper body and then squats for lower body.

When I left the gym, it wasn’t raining so I ran a little over half a mile cool down before going home.

Thursday – 5 Miles

Too tired to remember anything specific!

5 miles

Friday- 50 Min Pure Barre Workout (sculpted abs)

One of my favorite Pure Barre workouts, this is the one where you push the red ball into a wall to work triceps. Leaves me sore every time!

pure barre

Pure Barre On Demand screenshot!

Saturday – 7 Miles

Woke up as expected with my period. While I didn’t feel completely horrible, I definitely had that bleh feeling with some  cramps going on. I was okay enough to try to run to see how I felt in the process. Even with being sunny and warm, I still fell nicely within my easy range without effort until the last mile or so when I felt I had enough.

7 miles

Sunday  – Pure Barre

Oh wait, it’s Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there and to my dad especially! Everyone remembers that my dad was a runner, right? Here’s his recap from his first New York City Marathon in case you never read it. He ran NYCM 3 times which is 3 more than me and very impressive to me now that I am older and a runner myself to realize what it takes to train and complete a marathon. 🙂 

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How quickly does less sleep affect you and your workouts?

Any fun plans for today?



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  1. says

    Sleep definitely affects my workouts! I’m slowly realizing that I don’t function my best with less…
    I hope this week is a bit better in terms of sleeping for you!

  2. says

    If I don’t sleep well, the thought of exercise is not appealing. But I always feel better after so I force myself to just go and run a mile at the very least. I end up getting myself to run everything I planned on so it’s a win.