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Is it just me or does my blogging routine feel off to you too? I say it every year around this time but this year especially just feels so busy and upside down! Between my birthday, the end of the school year, getting things ready for my son to leave for his teen tour and working at same time, my mind is all over the place! I feel like I don’t have my usual time in the early morning when I typically focus on my blog posts and spend time editing photos!

UGH. I’m sure I am overreacting but if you notice it too, now you know what’s up. I figure things will balance out in the next few weeks.


I was in the city yesterday for a wonderful luncheon with my AllSeated family and the top NY event industry professionals. While I usually only chat here about the food at our events, I wanted to quickly mention a little more about the work I do with AllSeated along with what AllSeated is doing right now to even further revolutionize the way events are planned (like weddings!) in today’s world.

tech luncheon

It’s all about Virtual Reality. Are you familiar with VR? I know. I’m sounding all tech savvy which I still don’t consider myself to be but VR is taking over so if you aren’t familiar with it, it’s time to learn.

So these new Oculus headsets (which are wireless!) immerse you into movies, games, and experiences, and now, AllSeated has taken event planning to the next level by literally making you feel like you are in a wedding venue or even walking your own wedding layout. It is absolutely amazing.

oculus headset

AllSeated VR

Trust me when I say I am not a technical person. However, AllSeated makes it simple enough not only for me to understand it and use it, but write about it too. That’s what I do. I write a ton of content on wedding planning and wedding planning right now means using technology.

You would think it’s only the younger generation who have taken to VR quicker than people like me who are now 40. Sure, my son is OBSESSED. He showed me that we can literally watch hockey games with these headsets and feel like we are at the game! I am quickly catching on to this VR stuff though and so is the rest of the world, young and old. Walmart sold out of the Oculus headsets within minutes recently. It’s pretty cool!

So at the events we host, I usually prance around chatting and taking pictures for social media. But I also help out with the mobile check in process. I stand at the door to greet guests and take their name, enter it into the iPad to check them in (and let them know their table if it’s assigned seating). 

AllSeated check in

Yesterday’s luncheon was basically a way to provide the event pros in our industry with a hands on VR experience, in addition to great food and networking. Everyone had the chance to demo the headsets and every single person remains blown away.

The food was good too! I missed photos of the cocktail hour (because I was doing check in!) but the lunch was nice. Started with a salad — and a croissant type of roll which didn’t make it into the picture but went straight into my mouth!!


I asked for a vegetarian option so they brought me a pasta in what I would say was in a garlic cheese sauce? Very good.


Molten lava cake. Yum.

lava cake

And the macaroons placed on each table were so pretty!


I won’t complain about the traffic to and from the city. Just know that both ways had me in the car for a good two hours, maybe more. I know you are jealous.

If any of my readers are currently planning a wedding and have any questions for me, please ask away!

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Do you consider yourself tech savvy?

Have you ever tried Virtual Reality?




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  1. says

    Even though i’m part of that younger generation, I wouldn’t say I’m as tech savvy as most! Thats really cool with the VR though, maybe I should give it a try sometime!

  2. lauren says

    The VR headsets are pretty cool! I have never tried them for event planning purposes but I can imagine it really helps visualize things!

    Curious to know– how come you don’t take LIRR into the city? I agree, traffic can be the worst! LIRR might be almost similar time, depending where in the city you need to go, but at least you would be able to relax/read/etc.

    • says

      Unless I need to be right by Penn Station, most of the time it works better for me to drive in! It’s what I’m used to, I never really loved the train unless I was going to the Garden. My friend and I like to drive in together (most of the time) and not needing to hold ourselves to a train schedule is the best.Yesterday was a bad traffic day but two weeks ago I was in city in and parked in 40 minutes. All depends I guess!

  3. says

    What a cool event! It’s such a cool concept to be able to see what the reception space would look like. I am not a tech-savvy person, which is borderline hilarious given that my work relies on technology.

  4. says

    VR is super duper cool and way over my head. A couple friends of mine have the headsets so I’ve tried a few things and wow, blown away. Using it in the wedding industry to give you a feel for the big day is simply genius.

    • says

      Isn’t it amazing? Imagine touring wedding venues in advance in order to make a decision, or touring them via VR for a destination wedding without leaving your house. It’s truly incredible to me, especially how you can design your layout and then view it as if you are already there.