A Few Weekend Highlights


A few weekend highlights to share today!

First, if you missed my workout recap from yesterday, here’s the link! I wrote a bit about running less even though I was eating much more than usual last week during my weeklong 40th birthday celebration.

So hi! It’s Monday! The weekend flew by so fast but I paid enough attention to the details in order to share some highlights.

I’m all about hummus lately when I’m at restaurants! I haven’t been buying it for the house (because suddenly I don’t love packaged hummus?) but every chance I get at a restaurant when it’s on the menu, it’s been my appetizer.

hummus platter

Greek salads for life. Basic meals are what I need right now so both at home and in restaurants, I’m choosing greek salads.

greek salad

I could not wait to have the margarita pizza at Citifield Friday night! You know how I love pizza (even more than usual lately) and I always look forward to the individual margarita pizzas when I take my son to Mets games.


Actually, Friday was a YANKEES GAME in my eyes because the Mets played my Yankees in the Subway Series over the weekend!

It was very exciting for me to go to Citifield on Friday and actually want to watch the game more intently because my team was playing!  My son is the Mets fan, I am the Yankees fan. Not sure where we went wrong there.

subway series

The rivalry overall between the Mets and Yankees is NOT the same as the Islanders and Rangers. Totally different but still totally fun.

subway series

So I must include the 48 hour Sex and the City Marathon as a major highlight from the weekend because I watched so much of it! Did you watch?! In honor of the show’s 20th anniversary, they started at season 1 Friday night and ended through season 6 last night. Any time I was home during the day or awake at night, I was watching.

The episode when they take the Hampton Jitney out to the Hamptons always makes me laugh.


The rest of my weekend was basically spent unphotographed. I took my son to and from where he needed to be while also making stops at Whole Foods (I’ve been shopping there more often), Target, and of course, the mall.

I wasn’t just at the mall for me though! My son leaves for his teen tour in a little over two weeks (!!) and he still needs clothes.

He doesn’t love shopping so what usually happens is that I spend my time taking pictures of what I think he would like, text him the images for approval and then I bring everything home for final decisions. Whatever, it’s easier than battling him in the stores and then I can look around for me while I am there. 🙂

I bought 3 of the CUTEST tanks at the Gap but I’m really annoyed because they only have one of them listed on their website! I chose this Gap Graphic Swing Tank Top ( it’s white with faded navy stars) but I also bought a white one with little gold hearts. and a gray one with silver hearts. Ugh, why aren’t they listed online?! It’s so annoying!

I restocked my perfume and also found a few things at Abercrombie like this pretty ruffle cami on sale plus a few of these lace trimmed camis. Abercrombie actually has an even greater selection of camis and tank tops online, most on sale! 

And I think that was my weekend. I have a busy week ahead as I’ll be in the city all day tomorrow for a work thing plus my son has random finals scattered throughout the week. This time of year is always so busy and upside down but soon enough, things calm down and our summer begins.

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Did you watch any of the Sex and the City marathon?!

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Am I alone in not loving packaged hummus as much anymore? I made my own once or twice. I think I need to make it again.


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  1. says

    Sex and the City is one of my all time favorite shows. Whenever my girlfriend Lucie visits, we end each night with a couple of episodes on the couch. It’s perfection.

    Maybe you can shop for me too. 🙂 Your son is lucky and I get making life easier. I’m all about simple right now too. Greek salads, cucumber salads, hummus. Bring on summer eats. 🙂
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: All Good Things Must Come To An End (#136)My Profile

  2. says

    The pizza looks so good! I had some last night and I wish I brought the leftovers with me to work now. If you like spicy food, try Sabra supremely spicy hummus. It’s basically the only packaged hummus I will eat now.

  3. says

    Restaurant or homemade hummus tastes so much better than packaged! I love hummus in summer as a snack or light meal.

  4. says

    I enjoy making my own hummus now vs buying the packaged stuff, I’m not sure but it just tastes different! Have you ever tried the dessert hummus though?!