Birthday Favorites: Spa Day + Carmen Sol + Houston’s

Oh boy, what a week. I think I’m thrilled it’s Friday as I still need time to return to normal. Well, a new normal under the realization that I am now 40. Am I really old enough to be 40?!

It’s really been a full week of ultimate nonstop birthday fun but it’s time to get back to the reality of my work and regular life routine. And laundry. My laundry was starting to pile up.

I’m seriously still going through all of the pictures but I do have a few more birthday favorites ready to discuss which will help me to cap off any remaining discussions from my 40th birthday excitement!

birthday brunch

I Donut Care Mug

My friend Meaghan said she came across this I Donut Care mug a few months ago and just had to get it for me. Isn’t it wonderful when your friends know you so super well?

I donut care mug

Birthday Deliveries

When the doorbell rang early on my birthday and I saw this delivery of flowers, I knew exactly who would have picked such an incredible arrangement. My aunt. She has the best taste in flowers which is why she needed to come with us to all florist appointments for my wedding back in the day. I deferred to her on all centerpiece decisions!

The card which came with the flowers of course proved me right as it was signed from my aunt, uncle, and cousins.

SO pretty.


And then there was the big bouquet of balloons which also arrived on my door step from my event industry family at AllSeated. So sweet of them! I’m so fortunate to work with such thoughtful people.


Spa Day

Is there anything more relaxing than a spa day? I ended up on the NJ side of town at the Sojo Spa on Tuesday, my actual birthday. While I didn’t have my phone on me the entire day while enjoying the amenities, here’s one picture from the corner of the infinity pool overlooking the city skyline.

infinity pool

^ Wearing the new bikini I mentioned in my swimsuit post! Here are the links to the top and bottom again.

View from lunch which included a Pirate Ship. At least, we thought it was a pirate ship. HA.

pirate ship

Birthday Dinner at Houston’s

So we no longer have a local Houston’s restaurant on Long Island which is still sad and unreal. I don’t know why they had to close a few years ago! In order to enjoy Houston’s signature dishes, I have to go to Hillstone in the city (where I actually went on my birthday last year!) or find another Houston’s location out of state like we did on Tuesday in New Jersey.

OMG best veggie burger ever.

Houston's veggie burger

Final birthday candle to celebrate 40. 🙂

brownie sundae

Fashion Favorites

I didn’t have a chance to point out that I was wearing the 7 For All Mankind jeans in the pictures from my brunch which I told you about just last week! There’s also this pair, extremely similar.


Carmen Sol

I also didn’t have time to fully discuss this Carmen Sol tote! All Carmen Sol products are water resistant and weather proof making them super perfect for summer. They comes in a variety of colors, and even shapes, plus matching sandles, bracelets, and bag charms. I pulled a few links for you and listed them below!

carman sol

So for example, here’s the mini tote in a pretty pink plus matching flat pink sandals or choose the platform wedge! The studded bracelet is perfect for the summer since you don’t have to worry about getting it wet in the pool or at the beach (and it’s only $20!). And of course, I like the heart bag charm. Shoe Box offers a wide range of the Carmen Sol products plus they are running good sales right now too!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks again for the birthday wishes, emails, direct messages, and texts! My reader friends are the greatest.

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How was your week? What have I missed? What are you doing this weekend?


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      We really liked it! I would definitely go back! I think weekends must get insanely crowded but a week day is really nice and there’s so many options with the day pass in terms of the variety of pools/hot tubs/saunas and things like that. really nice time.