This is 40?!


Well anything I thought I would be posting for today (my 40th birthday!) went out the window when Heather surprised me on Saturday by flying in from Florida.

I had absolutely NO IDEA on Saturday that she was coming and I made everyone NUTS with figuring out how to get me to be somewhere for her to suddenly be for the surprise. I was running all over the place on Saturday and kept changing my plan and location throughout the afternoon. No one told my son that Heather was coming because he absolutely would have told me (kid can’t keep a secret) so he couldn’t even get annoying while we were out and say he wanted to go home or leave wherever we were to steer me in a specific direction.

Finally, Heather had to be the one to call me to say she sent me a UPS package and I needed to come home right away to sign for it.

There was no package. She was standing outside. Any plans that I thought I had the rest of the day were never happening.



Since then, life has been positively upside down with the most laugh line producing fun time you can imagine.

Heather is the reason there are slight creases around my mouth because we laugh until we cry (or for some in my friend group, wet their pants) and I can’t thank her enough for coming up this weekend not only so we could laugh but for her to attend my birthday brunch at the Allegria Hotel with my friends.

I’ve tried to edit photos for the blog but we took SO MANY that I haven’t had time to really sort through thoroughly. I chose some highlights!

heather shopping

^First stop after Heather arrived was to go shopping.




heather and me

I hope you are as lucky as I am to have the best kind of friends like I do. They are the greatest. My friend Michelle couldn’t make it at the last minute and we really missed her!


Look at the tablescape! Heather coordinated with Dina (remember the three of us work in the event industry), shipping the tabletop items to Dina’s house for her to go to venue to set up in advance of me getting to brunch. We are done complaining about how the venue didn’t let Dina add the linen even though she called in advance and were told it could be used. The table was beautiful anyway!

I can’t convey enough how much just looking at this tabletop continues to put a smile on my face because it’s exactly my color scheme, style and taste which Heather and Dina knew. The flowers are now on my kitchen table.



It was a brunch buffet! I had an omelette and a few rounds of French toast plus fruit and I think potatoes! Can’t remember!


bendel girl

They did not need to get my a gift! However, my friends knew that I had my eye on the new Carmen Sol totes!  How adorable for summer and perfect for the beach or pool?!

carman sol

cupcake candles


I have a video of the dessert buffet display in my instagram stories. 


rainbow cookie

hello kitty

birthday cakebirthday cake

crispy rice tuna sushi

I’ve been celebrating for so many days and now today is my actual birthday! It never really feels like your birthday when it’s your birthday but I opened my eyes at exactly midnight (how weird?) and I’m like well, I guess this is 40.

Do we ever really feel our age?

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  1. says

    Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 29 and you’re still gorgeous, laugh lines and all.

    A great group of girlfriends can get you through anything and make everything more amazing.