Quite The Birthday Surprise (!!) + Workout Recap


Excuse me this morning. I am just a little thrown off (to say the least) because my best friend Heather flew in from Florida yesterday without me knowing to surprise me for my birthday! I had no idea she would be here this weekend AT ALL but now she’s here, and she’s here for my birthday brunch that I’m having with my friends today!

The plans I thought I had last night for my birthday were never really happening as everyone else knew Heather would be here and I would be out with her (and my friend Meghan)… laughing so hard that we struggled to take a picture.


Anyway I’m quickly going to recap my workouts from the week which doesn’t include the quick workout Heather and I are planning for this morning in my gym. I hope to get a post in tomorrow but if not, I’ll recap today’s birthday brunch on Tuesday, which is my actual birthday.

This was my last full week of running in my 30’s!

Monday – Over 6 Miles?

Well I left the house not knowing that my phone was basically dead so by mile 3, it was showing low battery. This affected run keeper but I didn’t care so long as I could switch it to low power mode and still have my music. So, I’m not totally sure of my specific distance or paces but I definitely ran 6 miles based upon time and location, probably a little more.

Tuesday – 6 Miles

Not sure who I think I am running 6 miles two days in a row. I think it’s the warm weather and early morning sun that has the first few miles go by so quickly that I am naturally continuing on a little longer than I have been! At 5 miles I decided to slow down for a cool down mile rather than go home.


Wednesday – Pure Barre Sculpted Abs

I didn’t love this Pure Barre workout. It was awful but it wasn’t my favorite. I fast forwarded one of the extra sections of ab work.

Thursday – 6 Miles Again!

6 miles literally in a the blink of an eye. I threw in 2 x 2 minutes (per Laura’s suggestion) after over a mile warm up. I can’t say for sure how many rounds I did (I forget!) before cooling down for a mile to make it 6 miles.


Friday – 45 Min Pure Barre + 5 Min Pure Barre Thighs

I tacked on an extra 5 min because the 45 min workout went really fast!

Saturday – 7 Miles

For today’s run, I wanted to add in 3 miles of continued effort in the middle of a warm up and cool down. Once I stepped outside and felt the 72 degree air combined with close to 100% humidity, I opted for a 2 x 2 mile so that I could have .25 mile easy in between.

It worked out fairly well but my goodness, it was hot! The weather was definitely distracting and something I need to get used to again!

7 miles

Sunday – Quick gym time with Heather!

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Have you ever been super surprised for your birthday?

How did your week in workouts go? 

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    That’s so exciting that your friend came to surprise you! I hope you have a fun time with her. The heat has been rough lately, especially the humidity. I am not at all used to it yet.

  2. says

    When i was a kid, i asked for a surprise birthday party i guess i really wanted a birthday surprise!! Haha happy birthday, girl!

  3. says

    Thats so nice that she surprised you! I hope that you have a great birthday 🙂 It seems like your week of workouts was amazing too, mine on the other hand were sub par because I got strep back to back… but all is well now!