Almost Birthday Time & Friday Favorites


It’s Friday AND its June 1 which means it’s almost my birthday! With my birthday quickly approaching on Tuesday (!!?!!) of course the celebration begins now.

Should we discuss that I’m about to be 40 like a real adult? Let’s not.

Just a few Friday Favorites for today before I begin to celebrate my birthday with a fresh head of highlights and a blow out (counting my lucky stars for not being gray yet but hey, a girl still needs to brighten things on up), a few birthday dinners PLUS a birthday brunch with my favorite friends on Sunday!! We cannot wait. It’s so hard for us all to get together so Sunday is really special!

Also! Before getting to my favorites, thank you so very much for your comments on yesterday’s post. While I have no issue speaking my mind, I know it was a possible sensitive subject with varying opinion. It’s super nice to know I wasn’t alone in my thinking.

Friday Favorites


Favorite Fitness:

Running this week has been great. The weather hasn’t been amazingly beautiful but I did run outdoors 3 days, 6 miles each time. That’s high again for me! I’m not even doing it on purpose. I think that the warmer temps and ease of being outdoors again is making the time/miles/distance tick by so super quick that I forget I’m running.

Also, I’m back to making sure I rotate my running shoes again. With the significantly lower mileage, I sort of stopped paying attention to my running shoe rotation. I want to keep my Energy Boosts alive while also making sure that my feet use various muscles which happens by rotating shoes. My Saucony Rides (which I do love) have been seeing the light more often.


Favorite Food:

My son and I ended up at The Cheesecake Factory last night which was a welcomed treat. Not even so much because I love my salad but because I didn’t have to do the whole what’s for dinner battle with him at home. He never wants what I cook (story of my life) yet never has the answer for what I should make in place of what I come up with on my own. One week he loves my meatballs, the next he tells me they are awful. Kids.

Cheesecake Factory salad


Favorite Fashion:

I spent a lot of time searching my favorites from the Nordstrom half yearly sale  this week but don’t worry,  I still had time to find another favorite fashion to report on!

Remember the Splendid Hoodie that I told you about a while back? Well, I live in it and now it comes in a hot pink! We need it!

splendid hoodie

I live in the Splendid gray hoodie as I knew that I would so of course I need the hot pink. Pink is so me.

Bloomingdales is running another promotion right now for their buy more save more so it pays to spend and get the rewards back. Splendid makes the most classic styles which fit so well and last through the years that it’s worth the price. 

Favorite Find:

I may be turning 40, but I will always be a child at heart. No matter my age, I remain the girl who will forever love birthdays for the cake, parties, and presents.

And goody bags.

I wanted to surprise my friends with goody bags at my brunch on Sunday and I found the perfect goody at Henri Bendel yesterday! Well, it won’t be a surprise if any of them are reading this but at least I’m not saying exactly what I found!

Henri Bendel goody bag

Bendel is having HUGE sales right now, as an FYI. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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3 things you are doing this weekend?!

Do your kids like what you cook or is it a struggle like in my house?





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  1. says

    Have fun celebrating your birthday this weekend! You’re so sweet for giving your friends little goody bags too 🙂

    This weekend I don’t have too much planned. I hope to read, run and maybe make some pizza but we shall see!

  2. says

    I hope you have a great birthday weekend! We are getting our closet redone so Im going to be spending some time trying to organize my clothes. Should be annoying but productive!