First Double-Digit Run of the Year! (workout recap)

Oh, hi! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend!

A few quick thoughts before recapping my workouts from the week…

I ran my highest mileage week of the year. 25 miles.

For the first time in a while, I wondered if the desire to run more than 4 days a week would creep in as the weather kept turning sunnier and warmer each day.

While I did run two days in a row (Monday and Tuesday), Wednesday morning left me more interested in a long Pure Barre workout than running again, knowing it would leave me fresh and ready to run on Thursday.

I think I’ve really learned that I do so much better running 4 days a week regardless of the sunshine, rather than my former 5-6 days a week. I feel stronger this way. The extra miles I used to run become too cumulative, only to slow me down, drain me mentally, and fatigue me physically. This is something I didn’t realize was happening when I was running more often over the years. It’s only something I truly learned when I stopped running as much.

So even with the nice weather, I’m hanging tight on my plan to run a total of 4 days a week.

BUT. I ran 10 miles yesterday. TEN! First double-digit run of the year! Still sounds so crazy, right? I mean, 10 miles on a Saturday used to be an off day, a sick day, a PMS day, a taper day. Now, its hey look at me! 10 miles!

10 miles

More on the 10 miles below!

Monday – 5 Miles

Finally sunshine this morning! I was able to squeeze in 5 miles before leaving for the city. When I say squeeze in though, these miles felt relaxed and effortless. Of course I felt as though I could have kept going on a day when I really didn’t have time!

5 miles monday

Tuesday – 5 Miles/Gym

I brought my gym key with me on my run so that I could split up my miles with weights inside the gym. You know how I love these types of workouts! Here’s what I did:

1 Mile Outside

Inside Gym: Free weights upper body (10 and 15 lb free weights – I’m getting so good at the 15 lbs!)

2 Miles Outside

Inside Gym: Lower body (weights squats/lunges)

2 Miles Outside

I just paused Runkeeper when I got to the gym door and then restarted it when I headed back outside.

5 miles gym day

Wednesday – Pure Barre (54 minutes – arm focused)

I mentioned this Pure Barre workout in Friday’s Favorites post. It’s such a great workout and I love this specific workout for triceps which I went into more detail about in Friday’s post.

pure barre on demand

Thursday – 5 Miles

I woke up with a headache but the sun was shining and I felt like running. No plan here which left me with natural negative splits. I debated running 6 miles rather than 5 but I was a little short on time so I picked up the effort towards the end in place of running longer. Quality over quantity!

5 miles Thursday

Friday – 45 Min Pure Barre Workout

Saturday – 10 MILES

I woke up thinking that maybe today would be the day I run 10 miles for the first time since December.  I had the time, the sun was shining, and maybe I would be in the mood?

It was 78 degrees which was warm. I sort of forgot that I usually start my runs an hour earlier this time of year to avoid the warm sun – ah well, lesson learned.

Also! I chose my Saucony Rides for the first time in a while too! They felt great and I forgot that I was wearing my alternate running shoes – that’s how I know they are a great shoe for me.

saucony rides

I went easier than usual in the first mile in an attempt to adjust to the weather, and easy in an attempt to see if I could hold on for 10 miles. When I thought I was approaching mile 5 but it was actually mile 6, that’s when I pretty much decided I would go for 10 miles total.

It wasn’t until right after mile 8 that I started to feel that oh so familiar long run tired feeling. Long run tired is very different from speed work tired. Don’t you agree? It’s a totally different feeling.

I haven’t run beyond 8 miles (I don’t think?) since December. And really, I haven’t gone beyond 6 or 7 very often either in the last few months. One hour, no problem. The minutes beyond an hour is where long run tired can start to creep in.

I didn’t forget how to run 10 miles. No way. You do not run 13 miles every Saturday for 5+ years to forget how you do it. It’s a mental choice to continue. I know how to continue. I know how to regulate my pace to keep going.

Even in the warm weather, I held in the 8:40’s range until the last two miles when I slowed to more around 9, finished with an average of 8:55. Not bad if you ask me.

Will I do this 10 mile thing again? While I don’t think that a double-digit run will become a regular weekend thing, I’m sure that I will run 10 miles again this summer but I can’t really say how often. I sort of like to cap my weekend runs now at an hour. I think I like pushing my pace for a shorter distance these days rather than holding out to go longer.

Could I have continued to my former favorite distance of 13 miles? The answer is yes. I could have. I thought about it as I approached mile 10. Yes, I could have kept going, I would have needed water and I would have needed to slow down.

I was tired after the run at first but not sore or stiff at any point during the day as if I ran long. I think I was more fatigued from the weather than from the running. It was hot out there! Time to read my summer running strategies post!

Sunday – Short Pure Barre Workout

In case you missed my guest post on Laura’s blog, now is a perfect time to read it! It’s all about summer skincare for runners, which goes well beyond just choosing your sunscreen.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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Have you been adjusting to the warmer weather for your runs so far this season?

How long are your long runs these days? Has it changed to more/less over the years?


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    I haven’t done a long run in the heat yet but I know it will be challenging! Being in Florida has quickly reminded me how tough it is to run in the humidity. Hopefully we adjust quickly!