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I’m still all up in the Royal Wedding details even though it happened last weekend. I’m busy with the pictures and articles, while also doing my British research because I sit curious on things. Like the whole Princess Diana / Camilla thing. We all know the story (or think we know the story) so I needed to google to get more of the story. I’ve needed to update myself on Camilla’s side and history (I still do not like her – does anyone? I don’t think so) as well as remind myself of the specifics from Princess Diana’s point of view.

Did you know that Princess Diana refused to wear anything Chanel because of the CC thing?

CC = Charles & Camilla.

I never knew about this and totally get it to the point where I felt wrong wearing my own Chanel shoes the other day until I realized the double C’s were her issue, not mine.

And a hat. Or fascinator. I need to know which would be my look should I ever get invited to a Royal Wedding, Royal function or Royal whatever. I have yet to see a hat or fascinator that appeals to me but there just HAS TO BE one for my head. For this reason, Heather and I plan to shop for our Royal hat styles when she’s here in New York visiting this summer. You know, just in case.

Oh wait, this text from my son! As soon as I saw it, I made sure to screenshot it for you to see. Remember last week when he attacked me for buying Barbara’s Organic Cookies? Well, look who requested them when I was out food shopping.


While Trader Joe’s sells Barbara’s Organic cereals, they don’t carry the organic cookies. Whole Foods does though so I will be heading back there either today or tomorrow. Are you an Amazon Prime person? Did you know that your Amazon Prime membership now gives you discounts at Whole Foods?! I think I may start shopping at Whole Foods on a weekly basis.

Speaking of weekly basis, I am HORRIBLE with taking in my mail. I’m working on getting better at it but my true hatred for the mailbox never seems to fade away.

It stems from my divorce and all of the times I received unexpected and unwanted mail from my attorney and other things during the process that I really didn’t want to see or deal with. I was speaking with someone currently going through a divorce process (I now offer this service – check it out if you are interested) and she informed me that the courts/lawyers send multiple emails rather than actual mail these days. With red exclamation points to alert the importance. I NEARLY DIED from this information. Who the heck wants to receive notifications like that?! That would be the end of email for me. The only good thing here is that at least you can shut down your email address or pretend you didn’t get it (I‘m sorry your honor, I didn’t receive your email and I don’t know why, maybe the email never went through), you can’t shut down receiving U.S. mail. Believe me, I’ve tried.

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Are you an Amazon Prime person? Are you going to take advantage of shopping at Whole Foods with the discount? Have you already? Did you save a lot of money?



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    I love having Amazon Prime. By having I do mean I love using my boyfriends account lol. I have heard that prime members get discounts at Whole Foods but I haven’t shopped there mostly because it’s very far out of the way for me.

    Is it just me or do you find that Camilla always look more poorly dressed then the rest of the royal family at official outings? To me she kind of looks like a forgotten middle child. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy but it just seems like the Queen, Kate and Meghan look so well dressed and put together and then there’s Camilla.

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    I have to admit, I did not watch the royal wedding (I think I had a race that morning). It’s good planning on your part to search for the perfect hat to wear, because, you know, just in case! I never heard the term “fascinator”, (and spell check doesn’t like it either), but I looked it up, so thank you for making me learn something. Love the karma aspect of the text from your son too! 🙂
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