What I Ate On Monday (City Day)


I started my week in the city for a workshop luncheon thing. In some ways, having to be in the city on a Monday is an awesome way to start the week for me. It’s a break from routine and jolts me into the week, leaving me no time to linger on wishing it was still the weekend!

After getting my son off to school, running 5 miles, and eating my breakfasts (pre/post run oatmeal), I quickly got ready to meet my friend Dina to drive in together. Never really knowing the traffic situation, we always leave a little earlier than one would think you need to leave, just in case.

Lucky for us, it was a great day with very little traffic. We basically held our breath through the tunnel because we knew we got off easy but didn’t want to jinx it and then hit city traffic on the streets before parking at our destination.

Finally a sunny day too! This was the pretty view out the windows of the venue. I am always THRILLED when our meetings and workshops take place in this building. Not only is it a really nice space for meetings, it’s not far from the tunnel (this is the East River and those cars are on the FDR Drive) which means I didn’t have to drive too much through the city.


I helped myself to coffee (and water) while we worked a bit before other people arrived.


The luncheon had a nice, simple spread of food. A variety of sandwiches, salad, a quinoa dish, and a pasta dish. There were cookies on display too and somehow I missed the picture of those because I was too busy talking!

Apella lunch

My plate X 2.


Leaving the city is always an interesting thing. Every second beyond 2:00 PM counts in terms of traffic. And if you leave at 3:00 PM, forget it, just stay in the city for dinner and drive home after that.

Somehow I managed to be in the car and driving home before 2:00 PM which meant no traffic for me! I had packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (emergency snack) and sort of picked at it in the car when I remembered I had it but I wasn’t even that hungry.

Since I didn’t really know my schedule, I hadn’t really thought ahead to dinner at home because I never thought I would be home as early as I was!

Although, I mostly think ahead for my son’s dinners, not mine so much. As a meatless eater, it’s fairly simple to wing my meals and throw something together in a pinch so long as I have enough ingredients in the house.

I made this salad for dinner. It was a mix of romaine, cruciferous crunch mix, colorful carrot coins, roasted broccoli and cauliflower plus mashed chick peas with avocado.


After dinner snacks:

Super glad I bought that watermelon over the weekend and cut it all up! It’s the best snack.

And then this peanut butter and dark chocolate combo again…

Trader Joe's dark chocolate and peanut butter

What do you like to pack as your emergency snacks?

Which peanut butter are you eating lately?

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  1. says

    I tend to have some sort of bar as an emergency snack. Usually it’s an apple and strawberry just fruit bar from Trader Joe’s. If it’s going to be longer that I’m away, I make a half peanut butter sandwich to keep with me.