Quality Over Quantity (weekly workout recap)


3 things from this week before getting to my workouts!

1 – The weather has been horrendous. Will it ever be sunny again?

2 – This was a PMS week for me which can either mean nothing or mean I’m naturally a little more cautious because I don’t feel 100%. I think this week leaned towards more cautious.

3 – I’m sometimes still fascinated by how few miles I run on average in comparison to my routine over the last few years. The craziest part is that I do not feel as though my workouts are lacking. Quite the contrary. Each workout feels like such a quality effort and the results feel so much better that when I look back on my week, I’m surprised if I stop to think that I didn’t even hit 20 miles for a week. I was running 40 miles/week yet can’t even sit here to say that I feel as though I’m putting in less effort. Less time overall, yes, less effort, no. Quality over quantity for sure.

Monday – 5 Miles

Damp, humid run outside during a moment when it wasn’t raining. Average pace 8:40.

Tuesday – 45 Min Pure Barre workout

Wednesday – Gym Day!

I haven’t had one of my “gym days” in a while! These workouts always energize me which was exactly what I needed with so many days of dreary weather.

While it wasn’t raining in the morning, I headed to the gym anyway. Here’s what I did:

  • 1 mile treadmill
  • Upper body free weight exercises (even used the 15 lb weights! I’m getting so strong!)
  • 1 mile treadmill
  • Lower body: squats, walking lunges (holding free weights and/or kettle balls)
  • 1 mile treadmill
  • Quick jumping jacks/squats series

When I tell you this is such an energizing workout, I mean it. My heart was pounding, my miles clocked in at 8:00 or below and my total workout was maybe 35 – 40 minutes.

Quality over quantity for sure!

Thursday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Well, for starters, I was SORE from yesterday’s workout. See what I mean about quality over quantity?

And then the pouring rain combined with a PMS mood left me completely uninterested in the short walk over to my gym for the treadmill so Pure Barre from home was the workout of choice.

It was a great Pure Barre On Demand workout too! Pretty challenging, in a good way. I think I was even sweating.

pure barre on demand

Friday – 5 Miles

It was cloudy and humid but not raining so I made sure to run outside! PMS wise, I did not feel my best this morning. My period is looming which makes me feel hot and cold at the same time plus an overall bleh that hits as my body waits for it to start.

Anyway, 5 miles total with the first 3 just la de da and then I decided to do 1 min harder effort/1 min easy for 2 miles…plus a 2 minute cool down to 45 minutes even.

5 miles

Saturday – 30 Min Treadmill/30 Min Elliptical

Not complaining about the rain this morning because it meant I could watch the Royal Wedding while in the gym! OMG I’m so obsessed with this beautiful fairytale of a wedding!

Woke up with my period (of course you needed to know that) so I felt sort of blah yet well enough to run 30 minutes on the treadmill at a decent pace. I was actually surprised to hit over 3.5 miles at the 30 minute mark given how I felt but I was running easy effort-wise so I guess it made sense.

After the treadmill, I switched to the elliptical to continue watching the Royal Wedding.

royal wedding from gym

Sunday – Pure Barre

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Who else watched the royal wedding from the gym yesterday?

Has the weather been horrendous where you live too? Has it overly affected your workout schedule or any races?

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  1. says

    The weather this week was so bad! I was happy to have indoor workouts as an option but I just wish it felt more like spring. At least today we finally had some sun!