Royal Wedding + French Fries + Dior Faves!


It’s been a rainy, dreary week (OMG I can’t take it anymore) but hey, it’s Friday.  I have a few Friday Favorites to chat about today!

Friday Favorites

The Royal Wedding!

Working in the wedding industry, you can be sure I’ve felt the hype over the Royal Wedding since Harry proposed to Meghan months ago. I live, breathe, and write wedding articles all day when I’m not writing here on the blog so obviously I am interested in the Royal Wedding planning details, and of course the wedding dress! I still want to know who did the floorplans and seating arrangements. Something tells me they are old school and used pencil and paper. Time to digitize, royal people! 

I think I’ve told you that my best friend Heather is also in the event industry with me, right? She is managing partner at Atlas Event Rental which makes our conversations double fun. In addition to talking clothes and makeup all day, we can also discuss the industry, including royal wedding tablescapes. This week she was sending me Royal Wedding set up ideas that they have been playing around with in their showroom!

royal wedding tabletop

A few articles of interest:

Lessons From The Royal Wedding (including Podcast) < – My best industry pal, Meghan Ely, is a self-proclaimed Royal Wedding enthusiast (she hosts her own royal wedding parties!) and writes/speculates a whole ton on the subject. 

Tips For Hosting A Royal Wedding Viewing Party < – It may be early by why not have a party anyway?

The Nail Polish Meghan Markle Will Likely Wear For Royal Wedding < – I always wear light, sheer pink on my nails and love Ballet Slippers too!

Whole Foods Crinkle Cut French Fries

I stumbled upon these Whole Foods 365 crinkle cut French fries last week and we are obsessed. Crinkle cut french fries were always a favorite of mine and trust me, these do not disappoint. They get nice and crispy while still having their crinkle cut texture. We love them and I’ve already been back for another bag! An added bonus is that the nutrition information for a store-bought French fry is terrific.

This Sarcasm Only Instagram:

I coined the term re-mad YEARS AGO already, using the word whenever I get mad about something from the past. So, when I saw this post on Instagram yesterday speaking about being re-annoyed, I nearly fell over! Clearly I’m not the only one to get re-bothered about things! Re-mad was a term I started using after my divorce. I would think about something or talk about something from the past and then get so re-mad!


Dior Beauty & Skincare 101 Event is tomorrow!

I’m all excited to meet a few readers tomorrow morning! For those of you who can’t attend because you are running the Brooklyn Half tomorrow, good luck and I hope the rain holds off!

Since a lot of you aren’t local, I forced myself to select my top 5 favorite Dior beauty products as I will definitely be pointing them out tomorrow in person.

Note that this is a top 5 Dior list of makeup, not skincare. As much as I do love Dior skincare, I am currently favoring the products I reviewed recently from e.l.f.’s skincare line so If you are working with a limited beauty budget, I vote for saving  money through e.l.f. skincare products and spend more on the Dior makeup.

It’s a happy balance.


dior favorites

Dior Star Foundation/ Dior 5-Color All In One Professional Palette/Dior Lip Glow/Dior Flash Luminizer Radiance Booster Pen/Dior DreamSkin Perfect Skin Cushion

And if you ask me to pick just one to purchase, go with the Perfect Skin Cushion!

Have a great weekend. 🙂

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If you are local and want to join me tomorrow morning, please leave a comment or contact me directly!

Are you planning to watch the Royal Wedding?



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