Weekly Workout Recap 5.7.18 – 5.13.18

Popping in with my weekly workout recap before we head out for our 9th Annual Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition!

After Sunday’s 10K race, I recovered really quickly. Basically, I was not sore or fatigued at all after the race. I kept Monday easy but was able to jump back in to my regular week in workouts by Tuesday. As I mentioned in Thursday’s post, I am eyeing two 10K races for September and will likely make a decision by late July, giving me time to train specifically for the race.

Great Cow Harbor 10K < – A nationally ranked race and listed by Runner’s world as a top 100 race in the country, I’ve run this race in the past (2012 – before I had a blog). The hills of this race are not keeping me from signing up, it’s more the logistics and large crowds that I’m not interested in as I recall the traffic getting there and the need for a bus to the start line. Plus, this race has so many runners that it even starts in waves. I guess I’ll see.

Great South Bay 10K < – I ran the Great South Bay Half in 2015 (recap here) — I think a 10K on this race would be awesome! I’m leaning towards this race but I will wait to make my decision based upon where my menstrual cycle falls (I can’t run a race during my time of the month).

Okay! A quick look at my workouts from the week! Enjoy Mother’s Day. 🙂

Monday – 30 minutes elliptical

I felt fine from the 10K race yesterday but figured I shouldn’t run, just to give my muscles a rest. The elliptical seemed like a good idea for movement though.

Tuesday – Pure Barre Sculpted Arms (54 minutes)

This is one of the more challenging Pure Barre workouts because the focus on arms means we basically work the arm muscles in every exercise throughout the 54 minutes. I also notice that arm-focused Pure Barre workouts include a heavy emphasis on core work too. I am not complaining as I think I’ve come to find these specific Pure Barre workouts the most rewarding in terms of strength and toning results.

Pushing the ball into the wall may seem simple but you really feel it in your tricep! Always leaves me sore.

pure barre

^Pure Barre On Demand Screenshot

Wednesday – 5 Miles

I was super excited to get outside to run! It was a nice morning and I hadn’t run since Sunday so I was fresh and ready to go. When my workouts fall in negative splits without trying, I’m always happy.

negative splits

Thursday – 10K workout (35 minutes)

Woah. 35 minutes and a little over 4 miles doesn’t sound intense but within those miles was 5 X 3 minutes hard/2 minutes easy which left me DEAD. Not so dead in my legs, it was felt more in my lungs I think. In either case, it was a great workout which Laura sent me as a start for my interest in training for a 10K race.

You can read Laura’s VO2 Max Interval workout post here but here’s what I did:

5 min warm up

5 X 3 min hard/2 min easy

Cool down to 35 minutes which was a little over 4 miles

As this workout was run by effort, I just focused and pushed myself to move faster than my half marathon pace. Whenever I glanced down during the hard minutes, I was in the high 6’s/low 7’s. No wonder I was dead.

Friday – Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on Abs)

One hour of Pure Barre focused on abs? KILLER in a good way. At least that’s how I feel after I finish the workout!

In case you are interested, I’ve written full reviews of two other Pure Barre Pure Results workouts:

Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on thighs)

Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on seat)

Saturday – 6 Miles (treadmill)

I haven’t run on the treadmill in a while! The forecast was dreary with rain so rather than get wet, I opted inside for today’s run.

6 miles hit EXACTLY at 49:30 — I think this was a great run. To be honest, the dark clouds had me mentally not in the mood to run but once I started the treadmill, my legs were awake so I went with it. The first mile was relatively easy, right under 9:00 and then the rest of the run was random intervals.

Back in bed after a shower and post-run breakfast. Seriously, rainy weather affects my ability to feel awake!

coffee mug

Sunday – Rest/Out for our special breakfast!

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Best thing you ate so far this weekend? Do you plan on any special meals/foods for Mother’s Day?

How was your week in workouts? Did the weather play a positive or negative role in your usual workout routine?

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