9th Annual Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition


Today’s Friday Favorites post is all about my excitement for this Sunday as it’s time for our 9th annual Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition!!!!

Long time readers already know that Mother’s Day has basically become my favorite day of the year — and so much of it has to do with our breakfast tradition.

My son and I started our early morning Mother’s Day breakfast tradition back in 2010 which was the first Mother’s Day after my divorce. Well, technically it was the point in time when I was going through the divorce process and we had moved from our house to where we live now.  

This will be our 9th year in a row for our Mother’s Day breakfast tradition. I cannot even believe it. Where did the time go? No, seriously, where?

When we first started our breakfast tradition, my son was only six years old. It’s crazy for me to realize now just how young he was then!

When my son was little, he used to wake up so early that I didn’t know what to do with him in the morning. We would put it a full day of art projects and games before 8:00 AM, which most parents can understand.

So for Mother’s Day in 2010, I came up with the idea of…

Hey! Let’s beat everyone to the Premier Diner on Mother’s Day and do something special for breakfast since we are up at the crack of dawn anyway!

breakfast at the diner

We enjoyed it so much that it became our tradition to go out super early for our breakfast every year on Mother’s Day just the two of us. I think our special breakfast means so very much and is truly the highlight and meaning of my Mother’s Day which is why I couldn’t even attempt to put together a Mother’s Day gift guide for the blog. I see all of the gift guides floating around (and we know I love to shop) BUT actual presents in place of an experience like this are kind of meaningless. It’s all about special experiences, as especially as a mom, you know?

We discuss our Mother’s Day breakfast tradition all year, trying to determine where we will go for our special meal. Will we repeat the Premier Diner? Go to Maureen’s Kitchen? Try a new breakfast spot?

Maureen's Kitchen Pancakes

Since my son is now older, he doesn’t wake up as early as he used to when he was younger. This is sort of a problem because I feel bad having him wake up early on a non-school day but he doesn’t seem to mind. He still wants to be out the door and at our breakfast destination by 7:00 AM!

The last three years have been all about Maureen’s Kitchen. I think that’s where we are headed on Sunday although we have yet to make that final decision. There are a few new options for this year but I’m not sure if we are going to do something different!

Of course I will share all of the details from our Mother’s Day breakfast tradition in Monday’s post. One of the best parts about having this blog is that I have all of these fun moments documented!

Previous Mother’s Day’s Posts:

2017: Maureen’s Kitchen! < – We love Maureen’s and I love baked oatmeal.

2016: Mother’s Day plus Week In Review < – We went to Maureen’s Kitchen and we sat at the counter to watch the pancakes cook. I had blueberry pancakes instead of baked oatmeal.

2015: Weekend/Mother’s Day Highlights < – Maureen’s Kitchen instead of the diner! 

2014: Mother’s Day & Crumbs Cupcakes < – Baked oatmeal at the Premier Diner and Crumbs cupcakes for dessert at night.

2013: Mother’s Day Happiness < – The Premier Diner before Hebrew School (OMG the Hebrew School days!)plus the cute poem my son wrote about me – I forgot all about it!! He even references my love for cake and running. 🙂

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Do you have any family meal traditions around Mother’s Day or other holidays”

3 things you have planned for this weekend?!




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  1. Jane says

    Best Mother’s Day gift: colorful carrot coins are back!! I saw them today at TJs and thought of your after our extensive chat on another post. Enjoy!

    • says

      OMG NO WAY! are you serious?! I’m going to go look now today! thank you for telling me – I was just thinking how I would love to have those carrots back! I’m all excited, I hope my TJ has it!