My Swimsuit Shopping Mindset + Swimsuit Cover Ups For This Season


I’ve been in the market for new swimsuits this season and found the most perfect bikini over the weekend!

I’m really good about swimsuit shopping, even if it can take a while to locate the bikini tops and bottoms that are right for me.

The mindset I’ve always had when it comes to swimsuit shopping (no matter my size through the years) is worth sharing, just in case you don’t find enjoyment in the swimsuit shopping process.

I could make this a long drawn out post but my swimsuit shopping mindset is actually very simple. Rather than get too deep into self-esteem and body image here, I think I can break it down really easily for us.

When shopping for a swimsuit (or really, shopping in general), the one statement you need to repeat to yourself is:

I’m looking for the right cut and style for my body.

If it doesn’t fit me in a flattering way, then it’s not right for my personal figure.

It’s NOT the other way around. You don’t need to be the right fit for the clothing. It needs to be the right fit for you.

This simple statement and switch to your mindset can actually make a huge difference in how you approach swimsuit shopping.


I bought the middle bikini in the top row! I can’t find the exact link to the color but here’s the top and bottom. 🙂

No matter your size, you have a figure. We are all varying heights and structures which means we all need to find the styles, cuts, and brands that flatter our figures best. It’s not about what fits your best friend’s body, or the body of the person modeling the outfit you think you need, or the figure you think you should have or believe you will have in a few months but don’t have right now.

This mindset applies across the board when shopping although swimsuit shopping can sometimes require a little more time and attention until the right cut, color, style, brand, and fabric for your figure is found.

It’s not a bad thing when you try on a swimsuit that isn’t flattering your figure, it simply means that what you put on just isn’t right for you.

You aren’t the problem, the swimsuit is.

Make sense?

So while it’s really hard to share links for my favorite swimsuits (because they really are a personalized decision), I did find a whole bunch of cute swimsuit cover ups!

I’m all about swimsuit cover ups this year. As I’m cleaning through my drawers, I’m realizing I need to update my swimsuit  cover up look as I’m getting older. While I will always be the girl who throws on a Hello Kitty tank top with shorts over a bathing suit, the adult side of me could use some classier cover ups to wear sometimes to the beach and to the pool.

Full hand of swimsuit cover ups from last weekend’s shopping trip!


It’s worth noting that I tried to find swim suit cover ups this season at Target and Forever 21 but no such luck thus far. I will keep my eye out though!

Becca by Becca Virtue Modern Muse Tunic < – I bought the black but the white is on my mind too!

PilyQ Celeste Dress Swim Cover Up < – OKAY I AM IN LOVE with this cover up dress! I can’t decide between the white and black! I’ve tried it on in the white but am thinking about ordering the black?! Ugh, I don’t know!

Breezy Swim Cover Up Top –This cover up is PERFECT and at a great price point to order a few colors. I think I want the pink.

Echo Cold Shoulder Dress Cover Up < – Maybe the navy one?

Platinum Crochet Short Dress Cover Up < – I like a simple dress.

TopShop V-Neck Cover Up Cafta-<- I should have bought this one when I tried it on over the weekend. I really liked it. I’ll be back.

TopShop Jersey Wrap Cover Up Romper< – I don’t usually select rompers (they are often NOT the right fit to flatter my figure!) but sometimes I do try them on, just to see. This romper actually fit pretty cute but it’s still not the best option for me so I didn’t buy it. If you like a romper, I bet this one would be great – it’s also a great price and comfortable.

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Are you in the market for new swimsuits this year? Do you dread or enjoy the process?

What about swimsuit cover ups? Are you looking for new styles for this season? 

Do you usually go to the beach or the pool during the summer?

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    I love your mindset with swimsuit shopping! I think swimsuits can be especially tough to shop for since so much of you is exposed but as long as you find the one that fits your body then you’re set.