Four Days of Running Is Perfect (Weekly Workout Recap)

I spoke a little bit about my week in running in Friday’s Favorites post. The early morning sun and springtime temps have definitely combined to help me feel like my eager and inspired outdoor runner self again!

As I said in Friday’s post though, this does not mean I will suddenly start running more than four days a week. After yesterday’s 8 mile run, I even said this fact to myself again in my head. Four days of running is perfect. With four days of running, I can feel energized and fresh during those runs. I can put in a quality effort when I do run and then the other days of the week I feel as though I have enough mental and physical time away from running to keep the balance.

weekly workout recap

Monday – 5 Miles

Running outdoors was the perfect way to start the week! It’s been so rare for me to run outside during the week so now that it’s finally spring and starting to get light, bright, and warmer, this was such a nice treat.

When I saw my negative splits at the end of my run, I was really pleased.


Tuesday – 5 Miles

The forecast was calling for rain on Wednesday so I decided to run again today and move a Pure Barre workout to Wednesday instead.

Another great run outdoors! It’s clear that I keep naturally falling in the same average pace range. One thing I am looking to do though is really find my working zone. I haven’t run specific speed workouts lately or put much of a focus on dialing in my effort, but I probably should.

5 miles

Wednesday – Pure Barre

I received a Pure Barre On Demand email last night letting me know there was a new 30 minute workout for April. So naturally, I had to try it this morning! It was okay, not bad but not my favorite. After the 30 minutes, I added on a new 10 minute workout (which focused on the arms – KILLER) and a 5 minute seat workout.

Thursday – 6 Miles

I was so excited to go outside today! My plan was to try to keep my warm up mile a little slower than usual in an effort to then pick up my pace and see if I could land in the 7’s for 3 miles before cooling down.

It worked!

6 miles

Friday – 45 Min Pure Barre

pure barre

Saturday – 8.25 Miles

It was a foggy morning but clear enough for me to run outdoors. I figured I would run an hour and then see if I felt like continuing. I varied between pushing my pace and losing focus while getting lost in thought as well as slowing down to deal with dog walkers and random cars in my neighborhood. That’s the part I miss from the treadmill – not needing to pay attention to my surroundings!

After the 8 mile mark, I tossed around the idea of continuing to 10 miles for the first time since December. But then my phone battery started to die so I was like, eh, I’ll just go home. 🙂

8 miles

Sunday – Rest

Sometimes I choose a Pure Barre workout on Sunday mornings and sometimes I do nothing. I think today I will do nothing.

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How many days a week do you like to run lately? Do you think you are in a good balance right now or are you looking to change your routine?

Is the early morning sunshine making you happy too?

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