Recent Meals + Two Recipes


A few recent meals + two recipes to discuss today!


Sushi lunch specials are the best. They come with a salad (or soup but I never pick soup) plus two (or three) rolls. I picked two rolls this time:  a shrimp avocado roll and a veggie roll.



I’ve had my go-to Panera salad (the season greens salad with the addition of hummus and avocado) twice in the last week. This Panera salad should put on their signature salad menu already. They can call my Panera salad the Meredith Salad.

Also, the whole romaine lettuce recall? We haven’t discussed it yet, right? Are you avoiding all romaine lettuce or just being careful with where your romaine lettuce is from? Panera had a sign up stating that their romaine lettuce is not from the recalled area in Arizona. And I see Trader Joe’s is still selling their romaine lettuce too so I have yet to feel affected by the recall.


I Cooked!

On my list for a couple of weeks now had been to make this Italian quinoa casserole recipe. It’s not like this recipe is all that different from what I informally throw together for myself all of the time BUT the idea of slightly following a recipe made me feel as though I was breaking out of a comfort zone.

Of course I forgot to buy eggplant so I modified the recipe a bit by using broccoli. I really liked it!

quinoa casserole

And I made a version of this apricot chicken recipe for my son. I say a version because I really just followed the recipe for the sauce!

It didn’t photograph well but he ate two plates of it which means it was good. I ended up making the apricot chicken recipe after reading about this sheet pan orange chicken with rice recipe first. I didn’t have the orange marmalade BUT I remembered that I did have apricot preserves so I searched for an apricot chicken recipe instead. We used to get a delicious apricot chicken from the kosher butcher so I sort of knew it would be a winner based upon the sweet sauce.

Trader Joe’s Preserves & Jelly

It’s worth noting that I buy my preserves and jelly from Trader Joe’s. I used the Organic Reduced Sugar Apricot Preserves for the chicken recipe. Randomly while searching for the apricot preserves, I realized I still had pepper jelly in the house! I love the pepper jelly on roasted Brussels sprouts! Once I remembered I had the pepper jelly, I used it a few times this week when roasting brussels sprouts and they came out great. I add the pepper jelly either after the brussels sprouts are finishing roasting or right before they are done.

Trader Joe's preserves jelly

Of Possible Interest: Peanut Butter Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Dessert when I’m home at night is basic these days. Either handfuls of chocolate chips or I break apart pieces of the Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bars and dip them into the peanut butter jar. It’s important to note that often I break random pieces off random bars and put half-broken bars back in the box. Whatever, it’s my house and I buy the food so no one can tell me I can’t be weird with the chocolate.

Trader Joe's dark chocolate and peanut butter

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Have you followed any new recipes lately? 

What have you been eating as a nighttime snack?

Are you avoiding all romaine lettuce right now?

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  1. Lauren Kay says

    I have been meaning to tell you that I finally started buying the above PB….I have basically followed your PB favorites and buy what you like–we have the same taste in PB. But the other day, I thought something was weird–I had bought the CREAMY PB–not crunchy….UGH–I will finish it–but have a second jar that I am hoping they will let me swap out!!!

    Snack at night is usually Dove Chocolate squares….or sometimes a smaller bar (lara etc) if needing something more.

    • says

      ha I love that we have the same taste in peanut butter! sometimes I mess up and buy the creamy too by accident. It happens! I used to like creamy better than crunchy but that was years ago!

  2. says

    I’m probably not a good adult for this but I didn’t do anything with the romaine I have in my fridge. Both my boyfriend and I have eaten it a few times and haven’t felt any side effects. So either the lettuce wasn’t affected or we have immune systems of steel haha.

  3. Marissa says

    I did throw out my romaine lettuce, but mainly because we were going to feed some to our bearded dragon and I didn’t want her to get sick 🙂

    I had some random jelly in my pantry and it looked like plum. I put it on grilled cheese (I know it sounds weird, but it’s amazing) and I’m pretty sure there was some sort of pepper in it and it was actually delicious! My kids raved about it. Ha!

  4. Lizzie says

    Japanese sweet potatoes or plain popcorn have been my nighttime snack! Odd? IDK! But I also have been craving something sweet like white chocolate! Might buy some nuts and white chocolate to make some trail mix or buy a new protein bar! Oh and I almost ALWAYS have 1-2 huge apples sliced up! Haha

  5. says

    No new recipes ’cause still living that dorm life. But soon! Not really eating lettuce, not that it’s readily available at my university lol. And an awesome nighttime snack for me lately is the super dark chocolate from Trader Joes (Dark chocolate lovers bar i think) with a glass of almond milk. A really good pairing! 🙂
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