I Tried Doughology Donuts


Where did the weekend go?! I’m not even asking this to make small talk. I don’t do small talk. I’m also not the type to gush about being so busy blah blah blah. Nah. I’m not one of the bloggers people. The weekend just went really fast between schlepping my son around, shopping, cleaning out drawers, getting my haircut and sitting on the couch watching television. I caught great old episodes of the Golden Girls! I love the Golden Girls!

And just somehow, it’s Monday already.

Anyway. The only thing I really feel like discussing quickly today from the weekend is that I finally tried Doughology donuts.

When it comes to trending desserts, I was ALWAYS more of a cupcake person than a donut person. Of course as a kid I loved Dunkin Donuts but the trendy donut shops that are popping up right now are featuring way more exciting donuts than the Dunkin selection.

With the cupcake trend dying (Crumbs closed on me) and trendy donut shops opening up all over the place, it was about time I tried Doughology donuts!


Photo Credit: Doughology

Looks like an amazing donut selection at Doughology based on their menu, right? They even have a custom donut bar where you can customize your own donut!

My only real issue is that I went there wanting to try Doughology’s rainbow cookie donut which I see plastered all over social media BUT it’s only available every other Sunday. Whatever, I will be back in two weeks to try it.


Photo Credit: Doughology

From Doughology’s pretty donut menu, I chose the Devil Dog donut. It was as yummy as it looks and really hit the spot for me this weekend!

For the Devil Dog donut, they sliced a fresh chocolate donut and then filled and topped with a delicious whipped cream and chocolate chips.

devil dog donut

I took a few bites from the Churro donut too. A churro donut would normally not be my style but was actually really terrific! The only time I truly enjoy a churro is when they serve it with hot fudge on the side. However, the churro donut at Doughology was really good, even without chocolate.


Now you want a donut, don’t you. I know, me too. Alongside my cup of coffee would be just perfect on this Monday morning.

doughology devil dog donut

I’ll keep you posted regarding the rainbow cookie donut. It’s definitely on my calendar to go back to Doughology in two weeks to try it!

In terms of other trending dessert spots, I’m remembering that Spoons Ice Cream & Cereal bar is now open for the season! Here’s my review from last summer in case you missed it.

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How was your weekend? Did it go way too fast for you too?

Do you like donuts?  Do you have a trendy donut shop near you? What’s your favorite type of donut?


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  1. says

    A donut filled with whipped cream sounds so good! I tried to get my boyfriend to agree to donuts for breakfast yesterday but we ended up with bagels since it was closer and we were hungry. Guess I’ll have to try harder for next Sunday’s breakfast now!

  2. Marissa says

    That donut looks amazing!

    This was probably the best weekend that I’ve had in awhile. Saturday was a quick run with the husband, a family bday party, and naps! Sunday was a long run, church, and I went and saw I Feel Pretty with the BFFs. It was a great chick flick and I definitely recommend it 🙂

    I love donuts but my stomach does not 🙁 Some things are worth making my stomach hurt but donuts are not on that list. I think it’s because I usually eat them in the morning too and I find that my stomach is way more sensitive first thing in the morning.

    Have you heard of Voodoo Donuts? They have one in Portland and they recently opened one in LA. They have similar donuts and my family goes nuts over them.

  3. says

    Do you remember the Devil’s Food cupcake at Crumbs?! Ahh I miss it so much. We have an amazing donut place here in Nashville with a 100 layer mocha crunch donut though that will keep you full for a week ☺️
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