Friday Favorites! (April 20, 2018)


Before getting to this week’s Friday Favorites, I needed to follow-up yesterday’s post with a little more information. After speaking to Heather to recap AGAIN that she was in the hotel gym with the Kardashians, she mentioned that the Indiana Pacers were in the hotel gym too. (She’s not a sports fan so that part wasn’t important to her to report right away). She also said that the players were scoping out the Kardashians as much as she was (although I wonder what their take on the whole Khloe and Tristan thing is because they may know Tristan, and wait, even Lamar from back in the day).

Okay, on to a few favorites from the week!

Friday Favorites

Favorite Fitness:

I randomly decided yesterday was going to be treadmill hill workout day. So, I dug up the treadmill hill workout that Laura gave me last summer during my one-month of training with her. Oh boy, you really have to try it!

The only thing I modified was a 1.0% incline instead of 0% because I’m more comfortable like that. As for speed, just set your speed somewhere moderate and then range it based on how you feel. I stayed at 6.8 for the 5.0% incline but went much faster for the rest, bumping the speed up especially during the lowered incline segments.

treadmill hill workout

Favorite Food:

I am so over cooking this week which isn’t a good thing BUT it happens. Things were looking good earlier in the week when I was roasting vegetables, making salads, and cooking meatballs (like I mentioned in Wednesday’s post). But then I stopped for a Chopt salad one night for dinner, greek salad pizza another night, and then brought prepared food home from Uncle Giueseppe’s last night. Ah well, what can you do. I’ll try to cook more next week for sure!

greek salad pizza

Favorite Fashion:

Certainly not a favorite right now has been the weather in New York. Aside from two nice days last week, it’s been unseasonably cold, windy, rainy, and dreary.

But I found this adorable Aqua rain jacket with hearts all over it which is perfect for rainy days in the spring– how cute?!

Aqua Hearts rain jacket

Favorite Find:

Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with Ebates? I’m making such great money back on my purchases that these days, I try to order everything online! I even go to the store (like the above picture taken in Bloomingdale’s) to find what I like and then I go home to order it online, just to make the extra money back on my purchases!

if you aren’t already using Ebates, here’s the link to use that will give you an immediate $10. When you sign up, Ebates gives me $25 for referring you. Trust me, it’s so worth shopping using Ebates! If you are going to buy things anyway, why not get some actual money back in your account?



Don’t forget to let me know what you buy with the Sephora sale this weekend! If you missed my beauty picks, here they are again. Have a great weekend!

3 things you plan to do this weekend?

Do you use Ebates already or do you plan to sign up?




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  1. says

    I love Ebates! It’s amazing since I have to order all gifts for my family online since we live apart. So they get a gift on time and I get some money back – everyone wins.

  2. says

    That pizza looks delish!

    I am going on a date with the hubs to see a comedian tonight. I have my nephew’s 5th bday party tomorrow. My girlfriends and I are going to see I Feel Pretty on Sunday afternoon 😉