This Week’s Excitement: Kardashians In The Hotel Gym


I COULD NOT WAIT to tell this story.

As you know, last week I admitted to being busy searching hashtags on Khloe and Tristan because I needed to know what was going on with their situation. And then right after that, we (you like how I say we?) got the news that Khloe had the baby.

Well, my friend Heather was going on a business trip to Cleveland earlier this week at which point I told her that maybe she would run into the Kardashian family as they would be in town to see the baby.

I said this to her jokingly, not really thinking she would run into them.

Heather was in her hotel gym texting me about how it was snowing in Cleveland (she lives in Florida so she doesn’t normally see snow) and the next thing I knew, I was getting texts about Kris Jenner BEING NEXT TO HER ON THE TREADMILL.

I nearly lost it!


And then Kim and Kourtney walked into the hotel gym with the body guards.




So the body guards didn’t let anyone in the gym take pictures. I told Heather that she needed to pay attention to their workouts, especially since Kim’s new workout plan has been all over the news. At least it’s been all over the news I read anyway.

She said that all three Kardashians were on the treadmills (walking) and then went over to the weights. Kim’s trainer was not actually there. Heather thought one of the guards was a trainer but I informed her that Kim’s trainer is a woman so then she realized it was two body guards in the hotel gym, not a trainer and a bodyguard. I guess the trainer didn’t make it on this trip.

Kendall appeared at some point later on (not in the hotel gym) and then Heather was in the elevator with Kourtney and Kendall! She somehow got a picture of their luggage and that only happened probably because the bodyguard was not in the elevator. The girls got in the wrong elevator from what I understand, Kourtney was on phone looking for the body guard.


A picture of Kendall down the hallway.


And that was my excitement for the week. Other than that, I’ve just been working and waiting for this one darn avocado to ripen in my kitchen. It’s been a solid rock since Saturday.

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Have you seen anyone famous in a hotel gym? Who?

How often do you get an avocado that never ripens?



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  1. says

    That’s crazy! I can’t believe they had to go to the gym with a trainer. Seems a little dramatic to me but I’m also not a celebrity haha.

  2. says

    LOL, how fun 🙂 I’ve never seen someone famous in a hotel, probably because I don’t stay in swanky hotels very often, but I have seen a few famous people at Disneyland and in the airport.

  3. Lauren Kay says

    Love this!!

    So fun to have random celebrity sightings–especially with all the drama surrounding Khloe and Tristan!