Hydration For Fatigue & What I’m Searching (TOL)


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Sometimes when I’m really tired in the morning and have trouble getting into my work zone, I drink even more water (decaf Yogi tea) than usual. Coffee in the morning can only do so much so instead, I keep refilling my mug with water for my tea, over and over until I feel better. I swear hydration really does work wonders for fatigue!

yogi tea

So right now I’m pretending that the NHL playoffs aren’t going on while switching my focus over to the Yankees. While the Yankees aren’t off to an amazing start, they did win last night (and beat up on the Red Sox too, literally). Maybe this is their turning point now. You see, the Yankees are the only bright spot in my sports fan life. They make up for the never-ending challenges I experience as an Islanders fan.

While not following much on the NHL front right now on Twitter and Instagram, instead I’ve been searching (okay wait – just don’t judge me here) hashtags related to Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian. How dumb can you be to know you are famous and proceed to cheat for the public to see and capture on their phones? Could it not be true? Is this information putting Khloe into labor? Is he trying to cover up what happened? Did he admit to it? Did she already know he had been up to side stuff? I have a lot of questions when I should be spending my time on more productive things like new shoes for summer.

Or better yet, I should be finishing up the process of making my divorce e-book downloadable and available for sale here on my site. All of the technical work required in the behind the scenes of running a blog and adding the features to make a book downloadable is SO NOT for me. I have no idea what I’m doing but I go through the motions, hoping that the system doesn’t realize that I am clueless.

Also, anyone else watching the new episodes of Roseanne? I really like this season when usually, I despise remakes and things like that. Roseanne was a favorite of mine when I was what, 12 or 13? I’ve been watching the show in syndication on a regular basis for years but the new episodes are pretty hysterical too without being dumb.

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Okay, who else is following what’s going on with Khloe? Am I the only one? Did I break the news to you? Do you know anything that I don’t?

Do you like Roseanne?

What do you when you are really tired and need to perk up for the work day?



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    Don’t hold out on me with the shoes you find lol. Also, did you receive the dress and, if so, did you like the fit?

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      ha, I won’t! I’ll either email you about the shoes or put together a post if I have time. And yes! The dresses came yesterday. Both great! For the Bailey 44, it ran a little bit big but I’m keeping it. I can always have the tailor tweak it. So cute!

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    I like drinking tea during the day because too much coffee just ends up making me jittery! I drink a lot of water at work since I just keep my huge hydro flask with me all day.

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    I’m obsessed with the Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian story. My Hubby told me Tristan left his other baby momma for Khloe. The other baby momma was pregnant at the time too. He’s a dirty dog and I feel so bad for Khloe, in Cleveland, having her baby, away from her home with a cheating partner. Grrr.