Workouts From The Week (4.2.18 – 4.8.18)


A few quick notes before getting to my workouts from the week!

For starters, I had wanted to run the Aspire 10K yesterday but the weather had been calling for snow all week so I never registered. And then, it didn’t snow. Not fair!

Now that I missed the Aspire 10K, I’m wondering if maybe I want to run the 10K race that goes at the same time as the Long Island Half Marathon. Obviously I don’t feel like running the half this year but maybe the 10K? Like maybe running 6.2 miles rather than the 13.1 will rejuvenate that course for me? Something different? I don’t really need to decide now, my guess is that I will wait to see the weather (it’s the first weekend in May) and make a decision a few days before.

As for my week in workouts, it would call it uneventful yet high quality and good. 3 treadmill runs, 1 outdoor run, and a few days of Pure Barre.

Monday – 5 Miles (treadmill)

Snow in April? Seriously? Thank goodness I have learned to really like the treadmill. I walked over to the gym in my community grateful for the ability to run indoors. 5 miles went by in a flash.


Tuesday – Pure Barre

I chose a fairly new 45 minute Pure Barre workout and then added on a 5 minute thigh workout at the end.

pure barre

^screenshot from Pure Barre – wall sits are no joke!

Wednesday – 30 Min Pure Barre/3 Miles

I mentioned today’s workout in Friday’s Favorites post.

I really don’t combine Pure Barre workouts with running anymore but I just had to try a new 30 minute Pure Barre workout! I received the Pure Barre email Tuesday night letting me know there was a new workout and I couldn’t wait. 🙂

It was a great workout which felt fast considering I normally do the longer Pure Barre routines these days. Right after I finished, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. 25 minutes, run and done.

Thursday – 6 Miles (treadmill)

I played with my incline (1.0 – 3.5) and speed throughout the run and 49 minutes later, I was at 6 miles. I wish I had more formal workout patterns going on during my runs so that I could share what I’ve been doing in more detail but right now, I have no true structure to when I press the speed and/or incline up and down!

Friday – Pure Barre

I picked a new 45 minute Pure Barre workout and then added on a 5 minute for arms. (the 45 minute workout was more like 40 minutes, not sure why they call it 45).

pure barre 5 min arms

^screenshot from Pure Barre 5 minute arm workout.

Saturday – 8 Miles (outside)

Since it wasn’t snowing, I bundled up (still so cold and windy!) and headed outside for my run. Clearly I have a new average pace zone going right now. While I don’t monitor my pace while running (I only hear the average split in my ear at mile marks from Runkeeper), I can see that basically every run whether on the treadmill or outside, is within the same range without trying.

8 miles

The question is, do I feel like trying some speed workouts in the coming weeks to see where my working zones are? Maybe. I did think about it today. I am a little curious.

Sunday – Rest

Figured I would throw in a few good links for the spring/summer race season!

5 Basic Tips For Running Your Next Half Marathon

Benefits of Tune Up Races

Surviving Summer Running Strategies

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Is the weather feeling like spring yet by you? Is it too hot or too cold for your workouts right now or is the temperature just right?

How was your week in workouts, do anything new and/or exciting in your routine?




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  1. says

    Spring weather is so far from me right now it’s not even funny. I think we have similar weather since your in New York and I’m in New Jersey. I think you should run the 10k thats during the Long Island Half Marathon. It would be fun!

  2. says

    This happened to me before. I canceled my registration to a fun run because of inclement weather. Then all of a sudden, it was all fair and sunny during the day of the run. It was crazy and sad!