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While I’m definitely an easy going girl, I am also easily annoyed. I have a very low tolerance for people and their nonsense.

Basically, I have a long list of what bothers me on a daily basis and I’m in the mood to share my list of pet peeves with you today.

So, you will either nod your head in agreement, laugh because it’s funny, or decide I am way too obnoxious for your taste. That’s fine if you are a kinder person than me, I just speak the truth and my opinion. 🙂

I’ve even broken my current list of pet peeves down by category so that we are really organized in this discussion.

Let’s start with my son.

He’s great, really he is — when he’s asleep or not home. When he’s home, he plays hockey in the house AND I CANNOT TAKE IT.

The worst part is that he likes to wait until I am just about to fall asleep to take out the hockey stick and street hockey ball to then start stick handling and shooting in the den. The sound of this activity in my home MAKES ME NUTS and thinking about it makes my skin crawl. This situation turns into a nightly battle where I come out of my room in a rage to grab the stick which doesn’t always work because I am now half of his size but eventually the kid hands the stick and ball over. He then proceeds to laugh at me while I rattle off all of my ideas about boarding school, boot camp, and why he should live with his father. Or really, why he should live with anyone other than me because either he leaves or I leave.

This is my life. This is REAL life. Uncurated for the internet unlike the posts you see on Instagram.

Which leads us to INSTAGRAM. Where should I start with what annoys me on Instagram?!

Let’s glide past the Instagram mothers who run a ton of miles immediately after having a baby or even the moms who somehow make it look super simple, carefree, and necessary to run as often or as long as they do as a nursing new parent. Let’s even skip the motherhood posts that make having a newborn in the house appear all sunshine and unicorns, and full of snuggles. Stop with the snuggles posts already! No one is snuggling for more than 20 seconds before the diaper explodes or the kid spits up and proceeds to scream for two hours! And really, there are no newborn snuggles. The baby has no idea they are snuggling, they just fell asleep by accident while you were holding them and if you move an inch, they will wake up and scream.

Let’s get right to what really gets under my skin with Instagram because it has to do with just that, skin.

Runners who wear makeup while running.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?

Or the runners who skip the face full of makeup but wear dark black (or even purple) clumpy mascara while running. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?

There is a time and place for makeup. We all like to feel pretty and look our best at all times but please, sweating situations are not the place for makeup. Unless of course, you care more about your current appearance (an appearance of runny makeup/makeup that looks out of place because you are wearing workout clothes and sweating) than about the damage to your skin, your now clogged pores, and how you are speeding up the aging process.

A quality tinted sunscreen or even Dior’s DreamSkin Perfect Skin Cushion is more than enough to protect your face and even out your complexion while also looking appropriate for the fitness scenario.

Speaking of aging, how about those Instagrammers who post selfies every day to share the bazillion miles they ran along with their small plates of food. Tell me, how do they not see their skin? The lack of fat in their faces (and lack of sunscreen too I am sure) is only enhancing their wrinkles. Who has such wrinkles in their 20’s? This should be their concern on a daily basis rather than focusing solely on outrunning and undereating the other Instagram accounts.

All-Time Annoyances

People who try to speak to me before 9:00 am on a sunny day. Also, people who try to speak to me before noon on a cloudy day. Whatever, I am really affected by the sunlight.

The mailbox. It’s 2018. Aren’t we at a point in time where I can go completely paperless? I still hate the mail and I don’t think that will ever change. I also think I should have the right to refuse a mailbox. Email me or call me and if you don’t have either method of contact, then I don’t need to hear from you anyway.

Loud chewers. Do you not hear yourself? How is that possible? EVERYONE HEARS YOU. What is wrong with you that you have to chew so loud that the entire neighborhood hears what you are eating?

Toothpaste in the sink. I still don’t understand. Do you not see it? Does it not bother you? Do you not care if it bothers other people who may use the same sink or simply see it when using your bathroom?

Okay, that is all for today. Of course I could keep going with my list of pet peeves but I think it’s smart to keep what I really think limited to small doses.

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  1. says

    Now I know why we are true soul mate blog friends! The one you left out is loud talkers in restaurants—they irritate me and put them on a cell phone and

    • says

      or how about the women who answer their cell phones and speak so loudly while getting their nails done?! that is the worst! I only answer my phone while getting my nails done if it’s my son and in that case it’s only to tell him, I’m getting my nails done, can’t talk and will call you from the car.

  2. says

    LOL this was hilarious, and I have to agree with many of these. Hehe the one thing is, sometimes when I’m eating carrots or something, I know it sounds really loud, but like, it’s the carrots’ fault, and I always feel super self-conscious, so I try to bite it reaaaallyyyy slowly. :p
    Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off recently posted…Nostalgia {Thinking Out Loud}My Profile

  3. says

    I don’t get how people workout with a full face of makeup! Personally I have mascara on while I run on weekdays but only because I don’t have time to take it off before I head out the door after work. But I always take face makeup off.

  4. Marissa says

    Haha, yes! I would be hiding my son’s hockey stick 🙂

    I really hate when people don’t know how to eat popcorn at the movie theater! I’ve sent a few glares before, but seriously! I sometimes don’t even brush my teeth before I head out for a run (I chew gum!) because I sometimes have to run super duper early and who has more than 5 min to throw on some clothes when you’re having to leave at 4:40.

    Another huge pet peeve: when people answer their phones in a public restroom. Say what? Ick.

  5. says

    Haha, I love a good round-up of pet peeves. I have so many (even though I also consider myself an easy-going person, for the most part!) 😉

  6. says

    All of these! Instagram makes me want to quit social media daily. I am guilty of mascara working out though because it is the only makeup I wear and I don’t totally wipe it off before I go to bed (I know AWFUL I need a skincare routine) so after my morning workout I look lovely.

    Everyday on LIRR I sit there and wonder if everyone was raised in the wild. Common sense courtesy is totally lacking – mostly super loud conversations, people who have their headphone volume (or you know just regular phone volume!) up so loud others can hear it, people who text with the sound on – how is that even still an option to hear the typing? I’m like an old cranky lady on LIRR every day 🙂

    Let’s not even get started on sidewalk etiquette in the city…
    Gianna recently posted…Stop Taking Your Health For GrantedMy Profile

    • says

      I’m glad that I am not the only one disgusted by instagram lately! And yes, let’s get you started on taking off your mascara (coconut oil works so fast and easily for that!) and also, I would love for you to join us for the beauty and skincare event at Bloomingdales I planned for May 19! And omg, the LIRR. I give you credit for taking it every day. What sticks out to me now is the woman who applied her entire face of makeup right there in the packed train (I was standing) at 10 PM. I still wonder where she was going (she was heading east so it wasn’t a night out in the city lol).

    • says

      I don’t understand either! Especially the runners who do it for the purpose of taking pictures. Ick. It’s getting so ridiculous, I swear I barely scroll my personal instagram feed and really only focus on the instagram accounts I run for work.

  7. says

    I’ve had family staying with me all week and one of them moans when they eat. AHHHHHHHHH! It’s making me crazy.

    Also, the newborn/mom posts on IG being all sunshine and roses. I’m like what, that is not real life. I’ve learned to read between the lines with some of that stuff, but c’mon moms, we’re doing a disservice to other moms by bullshitting them and ourselves.

    I’d start hiding the hockey stick.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Another One Bites The Dust (#126)My Profile